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Hey Everyone!

I’ve moved to a brand new blog.  Find me here: http://www.theecathleen.com

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Just wanted to prove how cool I was.

Here are the André pieces behind my house.

I call these two dancing folk, friends.

And they’re OBVIOUSLY chasing after this little lady…soooo…maybe they aren’t friends?

That’s all.

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Silly, silly girl.

At this point, most of you have either seen, or at least heard about what’s happening on The Bachelorette.  Consider yourself lucky if you get to watch it real time on Monday nights, because I have to wait until tomorrow (tuesday) to watch it on Hulu, and I’m absolutely DYYYYING to watch tonights episode.

BENTLEY’S RETURN.  Dun dun dunnnnnn…..

Can you even BEEELIIEEVE this is happening?!!!  I’ve watched the special little tid-bits of awkward clips ABC has put on their website, and booyyyy does Bachelorette Ashley have it comin’ from the rest of the guys.  Can I really stand to watch this crap?  ABSOLUTELY.

Good luck tonight Ashley, you silly, silly girl. Unfortunately, you need a heavy dose of talky-talky-time with a professional who can tell you to your face that you obviously HAVE SELF-ESTEEM ISSUES and need to get into some therapy–ASAP.  Why didn’t ABC make the call to previous Bachelor, Brad Womack, to get his therapist on site for her?  Didn’t she learn anything the first time?  Hey Ash, this is why you were kicked off The Bachelor.  Ugghhh. So frustrating.

I’m so jealous of people with TVs right now, I can hardly stand it.  I might just go start knocking on doors, asking fellow neighbors if they’d gladly let me in to watch the most uncomfortable show on television while they play with their kids and teach geometry before bedtime.  I’LL BRING THE BUCKET OF CHEESE BALLS FROM TARGET.  Kids like those.

Husband!!  I would like a telly please!!  For nothing other than hiding my eyes, talking outloud in a fury and fast forwarding the parts where crickets play in the background during dinner.  ME LIKEY MUCHO!!  How can I stand shows like this??  I dunno, but there’s only one other show on the planet that’s worse than this, and it’s called Bachelor Pad.

Ask me if I would DARE watch such a horrid reality television series where even more fame hungry blockheads come together in ONE HOUSE to COMPETE for MONEY. Do you ever think I would cross that fine line from really stupid to straight up embarrassing?

HELL YES.  I live for it.

In fact, I just found out that THREE of the male contestants that are on The Bachelorette’s season right now, are going to be on Bachelor Pad as well.  They of course have not been revealed, but I wonder if one of them happens to be that guy who got kicked off for being honorably HAMMERED the very first night.  Wouldn’t that be nice?

Well, I know this post is lacking photos–for those readers who need pictures to pass the time, here’s one for ya:

I MEAN….ROIGHT?!!!  How hilarious, and oh-so-dead-on.  You can grab this fancy ticket Here.

OK.  I guess I’ll just sit on my couch now and look through cookbooks.  What else am I supposed to do?!!!  Hmpf.  Until mañana.






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I’m feeling like sharing a secret.

I have very short eyelashes (this is not the secret).  If I were forced to live on an island and I couldn’t take anything with me but ONE object, it would be my eyelash curler. HONESTLY, I think about this a lot.  My eyelashes are so short, fine and worst of all, STRAIGHT DOWN, that I truly feel like I can’t see well.  When they are curled, my eyes are open to the world and I instantly feel more awake.  It’s rather annoying.

Before the wedding, I was in rapid seconds, convinced that I needed eyelash EXTENSIONS when I saw how beautiful my friend looked with hers.  I knew immediately that they would be mine.  Oh yes, they would be mine.

I’ve recently gone back again, and I’m obsessed.

The absolute BEST BEST BEST part about having eyelash extensions, is that I don’t have to wear any make-up.  Hi.  Nice to meet you.  Did you hear me?  I DON’T HAVE TO WEAR ANY MAKE-UP. Do you have ANY idea how much TIME this saves me in the morning?!!  It’s the most incredible feeling…I’m frreeee!!

Oh hi, yeah, I did just wake-up.  Huh?  What’s that?  Oh, I look amaaazing???  I KNOW.

I forgot to take a “before” shot of me, so while I was in the waiting area I whipped my poor phone out and tried to take some quick ones.  Hopefully this gives you an idea how sad my eyelashes are.

And here is my “after.”


My skin looks a little greasy.  HAHAHAH.

Can you believe it?!  Just look at those spider legs!!  A co-worker calls me Bambi, and I think it fits.  I’m just so doe-eyed, what can I say!!

I go to the most amazing lady, whose name is Gloria, and she works out of her own place called Beauty Utopia in Eagle Rock.  To get these beauties, you lie down and literally GO TO SLEEP for and hour and a half.  Wakey wakey, and you’re transformed!!!  I can never get over how natural they look…it’s my very own dream come true.

Key things to know:

1. You can’t get them wet for 24 hours

2. You probably shouldn’t get them wet for 48 hours

3. They are attached to every individual lash, and a smidgen away from the eyelid–so they don’t actually touch the eyelid, which makes them even more great.

4. You CAN put make-up on them, you just have to use OIL-FREE remover.

5. They lasted me about 5 weeks, but everyone is different.  Depends on skin type, natural lash amount and how careful you are with them.

6. First time is $80 and after that is $100.  CHEAP.  They are usually about $200-$220-ish.

7. Gloria really does ask you to fall asleep so your eyes don’t move.  Schedule your appointment when you know you’re gonna need a nap that day.  Hahaha.

I suggest if you haven’t tried these bad boys, that you JUMP on it, because it will forever change your life, especially if you have lame-lash-disease like I do.  If you’re like my sister and this is what you look like already…theeennnnnnn…SKEDADDLE.  No one likes a show-off.

Call Gloria!

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Happy Days

It may only be June (almost July, can you believe it?!!), but I have officially decided what I’m going to be for Halloween.  I might have said this out loud before, but Halloween is my most FAVORITE day besides my birthday, because I just loooooove to dress up. If there’s a costume or theme party anywhere, I’ll go all out.  Unless it’s a STUPID 80’s party, and then you can count. me. out.

Those parties are the least creative and so highly over-done, I can’t even go further.

What brought me to this Halloween idea, was FATHERS DAY.

My parents are quite possibly the cutest people you’ve ever met in your life.  They met in high school, fell in love, and remain that way, now married for over 30 years.  It’s incredible and I can’t wait to be just like them.  ANYWHO, for Father’s Day, my Dad found a Johnny Cash Blues Festival in Ventura, California that he decided he really wanted the family to go to since he loves to attend blues festivals with my mom and their close friends.  And let me say…it shocked me.

Because it was kinda cool.

Husband and I traveled back in time to the 1940s, and it was surprisingly awesome.

Call me naive–but I had no idea that Johnny Cash would bring greasers and pin-up girls to modern day 2011.  What a scene!!  It was lovely, and even though soooo not my steez, I couldn’t help but want to stare at every lady that was decked out in platform hooker pumps, tight skirts and polka-dot halter tops.  How cute!!!

They had a pin-up contest that was the cutest thing…

Nevermind the tranny in the leopard dress….the girl on the far left won first place.  She had the word “Pin” tattooed on the back of her left leg, and the word “Up” on her right.  That’s called DEDICATION my friends…and yes–that’s Lucille Ball tatted on her thigh.  But isn’t she just adorable?!!

Whatta beauty queen.  2nd place went to the other super cute girl in blue.  She looks like my sister.  So purdy.

If you’re into cars, they had those too.  I could care less about cars…Husband always gets mad at me when I’m trying to describe something and it goes like this:

Him: What kind of car was it?

Me: I dunno.

Him: What do you MEAN you dunno.

Me: I dunno!  A car!!

Him: Oookkkk….like what KIND?  A mercedes, a volkswagon….

Me: Who cares?!!  It had wheels!

Him: Ugghhhh.

There’s no other word besides “cute” that describes this.  RIGHT?  I mean, I could use charming.  Or darling.  Because this picture is ALL THREE. 

This was later in the day when the crowd started to get intense.  We arrived early around noon, and this was at about 5pm.  Ignore the cigarette in the ear of that guy with the hat on….sorry–but EHUL.  That’s my new way of saying “ew.”  Sound it out, it’s how I actually say it.

Now that I’m so inspired by this LOOK for Halloween, it can’t come fast enough.  What’s weird is that this whole pin-up-girl-thing is sooooo my little sister (and has been for years), but I never really UNDERSTOOD it, until I was emersed into this crazy time warp of a day, and it all seems to make sense!  I’m more of a 1920s/30s type of gal myself, so this whole 40’s thing really kicked me in the BOOTIE!!

Loving it….

More inspiration pics of guys and gals:

Betty Grable


Air Force girl

Husband seemed to like the sailor girls the best….they are quite endearing…no?  Haha.

As for the boys….those GREASERS really are pretty STUDLY….

The Outsiders!!  Boy, are Tom Cruise’s teeth EFFED.  Gross.  Good thing he got braces at 47.  Haahahahahaha.   All those boys are stars now…except for that one guy…who IS that???

A quick 45 second video that I just had to share.  THIS GUY was rockin’ out, SO HARD at the festival, I just couldn’t help myself.  Don’t mind the shaking because I was trying to hold back tears…

Well.  I know what I’m gonna be on October 31st.  Hopefully dressed up as a sweet little sailor girl with Husband in cuffed denim and a pompadour going door to door asking for money.  I meannn…wine.  I meaannnnn….candy.  Jeez.

What will YOU be 4 months from now???

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Arty pants.

Every Thursday the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) near Downtown Los Angeles is free from 5pm-8pm.  So last Thursday, guess what we did.  YUP.

A group of us decided it was time for a little culture and check out the exhibit that everyone’s been buzzing about called “Art in The Streets.”  It’s basically graffiti from the 1970s to now…from all over the world.  Sounds fancy, huh?

Besides the fact that the exhibit is FREE, they also allow you to take photos, which I thought was amazing since every museum I’ve been to, they don’t like you to smile or walk too quickly.  Way to go MOCA!!  I’m sure they had an idea what kind of crowd they would be getting and decided to let loose.  Bravo!

I took some pics of my favorite stuff, unfortunately, I’m a total AMATURE and didn’t capture all the names of the artists.  I KNOWWWW.  IDIOT!!  What’s the point of the art if you can’t give the artist the so-very-needed credit that they SO DESPERATELY cry their wimpy eyes out for?  Ugh.  I’m so dumb.  I mean, I have most of the names, just not all.  Oh well.

I guess I should have known (again, AMATURE), but I was surprised to see so many gang related pieces.  In fact, I’m such a wuss, I actually felt FEAR looking at some of the Chicano tattoos and lifestyle photos.  I mean, in all seriousness, I don’t need to see guns, and busted heads and guys holding their naked wieners.  DOES ANYONE?!  Don’t get me wrong, not all of the exhibit was like this, but obviously, this is where the grafitti culture began, and there was a large section devoted to it.


Anywho…there was plenty of satire from Mr. Banksy which rounded the exhibit out, along with live skateboarders showing off in a small rink.  Rink?  That’s not what you call it, is it?  Uhhh…skateboarding…PARK?  Haha.

Some pics:

This is one of my favorites.  The first time I saw this Los Angeles born artist RETNA, was at an art show years ago in Riverside, California.  Super random show we went to, but I will never forget seeing these crazy bright blue symbols on an all white background. LOVE.

Here’s another I pulled from Swamp Style:


This is French artist André.  This is his distinct character that has been drawn all over the world.  Including, right behind my house.  Well, on the side of Umami Burger, which just so happens to be 30 seconds from my house, so whatever–it’s the same thing.  I’m still cool, ok.  I’ll take a picture to prove how cool I am later.  Thanks.

I call this the music face wall.  Sorry artist who worked your life away….hahahahahaha.

Paper!!  It’s PAPER!  How dare she be so talented.

These are by Swoon and I believe this piece is called “Ice Princess.”  I learned about this girl in the documentary called “Beautiful Losers.”  She’s pretty darn brilliant and lives in NYC.

A little bit of Shepard Fairey for ya.

Mr. Banksy.  This mural was huuuge, so you’ll have to excuse my 2 part photos.  There were so many people in my way!!  Move it lose it people!!!!  That’s what I WANTED to say.

This one had a lot of artists involved.  These creepy Disneyland mannequins were holding each other up and the guy at the top’s arm was “faux-spraying” back and forth, back and forth.  EEK.  It was like Knotts Scary Farm in that corner.  If you see something like this in real life, don’t keep walking, turn around, ok?  Go the OTHER WAY.

These next couple were ones that stood out to me.  Super eery, but kind of luminous. They sort of remind me of angels.

Or demons I suppose.  HAHAHA.  It’s all in the way you look at it.

1960s spray paint.  Invented in 1949 by Edward Seymour, it became mass produced in 1960 for automotive industries.

This was another terrifying room designed by Los Angeles native Kenny Scharf.  Looks like a bunch of shananagans to me.  Or like The Simpsons had a party and shoved everything left over in the closet.  Cool, but not cool.  Right?

WEELLLLL…that’s it friends.  There is a lot more to check out, these were just pieces that stood out to ME.  I am glad I went, of course.  Now I sound totally awesome when I can start a convo like, “Sooo…have you seen the ice cream truck with naked ladies on it holding guns and candy covering their privates? OOOOO, you should GO.”

Oh yeah.

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Just wanted to show off a picture of me and my Dad on my wedding day.  I know I said pictures were coming soon, as they are, but here is a sneak peak AND a tribute to Father’s Day.

My dad is:

Respectable, honest, smart, generous, loyal, outgoing and GOOFY.

The older I get, the more I can see myself turning into him.  Even his weird quirks like how he acts like he doesn’t have OCD with rugs being straight, or cars parked neatly in the driveway.  Or how he absolutely needs at least one night out on the town with friends or my mom, because he can’t stay inside all day and craves to be social.  ORRR, how loyal he is to his family, and how much they mean to him.

I’d like to think, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…maybe not yet about the OCD thing.  Haha.  I DOOO like things being neat and organized though.

I love you Daddy!!  You’re the best Dad in the whoooole world!

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