“I haven’t had a tooth for years!”

My boss at work today said to my team, “I want you all to remember this day.  July 12, 2010.  You know why?  Because today is the day we change this place.”  She proceeded to give us an intense speech telling us that we were all hand selected to be where we were.  I swear, there was a point when I thought she turned into John Wooden.  But you know what, she’s right.  Today is a day I will now never forget, and no, not because my colleagues and I giggled about it later, but because today is the day I post my VERY FIRST SOUPER experience.  How lucky are you guys?!!  Ugh.  Soooo lucky.  I know.

Last Thursday, my good friend and photographer Madison Enloe, who decided it sounded cool to let me ask her a bunch of silly questions, had me over to interigate her.   I drove the couple miles to her house, found parking, and arrived to her touching up some beautiful photos she took of her boyfriends sister.  I had been to her place few times before as she just moved a couple months ago from Austin, Texas, but this time, I felt like I was watching her in her most comfortable state.  Even though she complained about how long it takes to photoshop images, she was happy doing it.  Hair in a messy side pone, clothes baggy and staring at her computer screen with her Oliver Peoples on, she still looked gorgeous.  As usual.  Frick.

Mads shares her place with another photographer friend and their dogs on the 10th floor of an old amazing building (Talulah is the name of her white fluffa-doo).  Their view is spectacular and although she has witnessed a drug deal go wrong from her window, it’s mostly pure silence at night.  But not this night.  Noooo noo.  I quickly figure out from the expensive parking that tonight is Art Walk in Downtown.  Ahh yes.  Art Walk.  Thousands of people roam the streets, strolling in and out of open art galleries for free booze and entertainment.  It’s quite a festive place with a magnitude of gourmet food trucks, costumed dancers in the street and loads of crack addicts yelling in your face if you take one step in the wrong direction….I insist you all take part!  So adventurous!

Ahem.  I’m getting off track.  Whoopsies.  Back to Madison.

At 24 years old, she left her hometown of Austin to come to Los Angeles in pursuit of work, even though work in Austin was plentiful.  She was “becoming” over there, but when the opportunity arose for her to make her move to the city of hopefulls, she jumped in with two feet.  She lives life by her motto of no regrets saying,  “I don’t want to regret anything in life.  I don’t ever want to experience that.”

As I begin typing away on my laptop, Madison answers questions from her bedroom, pacing back and forth as she pulls out different articles of clothing, trying to piece together an outfit.  She pauses frequently in between questions, deciding whether or not she gave a good response or….if that quilted coat would go well with her broken in J Brands???

Here are some of my favorite answers I received:

1. Snack of choice on a roadtrip: “Pickle Spitz!  They’re pickled flavored sunflower seeds!”  Freakin’ sick–that’s all I was thinking.  But I guess that makes sense…she’s from the south.  Ha ha.

2. Film doppleganger: “Kate Hudson.  That’s the person that most people tell me I look like.  I got it yesterday from a designer, and I looked haggard.”  HAHAHAHA.  I love that word.

3. A L.A. driver doesn’t give you the wave.  How do you feel?  “I feel like I’m not in Texas anymore.  Everyone waves in Texas!”  ROIGHT?!

4. People you admire: “My grandpa.  And Cecil Beaton.”  I had to google her.  She’s an English fashion and portrait photographer.

5. How many mirrors are in your house?  “Two.  And there’s not a full length one, and it’s sooo annoying.  We have to walk to the elevator mirror with two different shoes.”  They aren’t joking.  And its honestly DOWN THE HALL.  Amazing.

6. True or False, you have all your real teeth: “False.  I don’t have a tooth.”  She shows me a back molar.  “I kinda want vaneers—I mean, I need a TOOTH!  I haven’t had a tooth for years!”  I DIED LAUGHING AT THIS POINT.  Freakin’ hysterical.

7.  What’s hilarious to you?  “That show Wipe-Out.”

8. Guilty pleasure(s): “Really bad TV and trashy mags.  Like The Bachelorette, The Hills, the ones where you don’t have to think, where you just zone out.  Because you’re like, this is so stupid. You know?!”  YES I DO!!  Because I LOVE all those things you just listed.  HECK YEAH.

9. Thing your most proud of:  “The ability to bounce back.  Either that or uh…I don’t know how to say it, I’ve always been able to move somewhere, always knowing who I am.  I may change, but I’ve always known who I am.  I think that really allows things to happen.”  Wow.  Well said my friend.  So Oprah-ish of you.

And the most important question of ALL (this suggestion was given to me by my every-so-smart future sister-in-law and will be used from now on to every Souper):

10.  What’s your favorite donut? “Glazed donut holes.”  Is that a donut?

You can find Madison’s work here on her website: Madison Enloe Photography

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5 Responses to “I haven’t had a tooth for years!”

  1. Not sure why I put my showroom link on there but whatever….


    I’m sitting in my hotel room in Cancun, Meh-hee-coe and what am I doing?
    Reading your Blog, Twitter, and emails… you are so inspiring! You make me want to stay up all night and read your twitter, click on your links and look into what you’re into and back to your blog, and back to your twitter oh and then oh! you sent me a hilarious email! And before you know it an hour and a half went by. You MADE ME READ!! YOU know what this means, you are amazing! Such an amazing writer, so good at finding the best finds, making the most simple things exciting and hilarious, and such a great friend to put this blog up to get their great talents out there. Great work on your first blog. Mads is hilarious and oh so talented, I will be recommending her work to all I know that need photogs…

    Shoot, Imma come up with a talent just so I can be on here.

    Stay… tuned…

  2. Tyler says:

    At least one of us can write…hot damn!

  3. James T. says:

    Pickled flavored seeds…. yummy. Nice column. Frick.

  4. Emily says:

    well done Cat!! I don’t think I’ve ever read an entire blog post 🙂

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