School of Rock

Holy mother of earth…a good friend sent me this youtube video a few days ago and I nearly passed out from the exquisite talent.  Sometimes I think I can carry a pretty good tune, and then I hear something like this and it honestly makes me feel tone deaf.  It’s astonishing how easy singing comes for these three…especially that white girl!!  DIIZZAMM!!  I’m officially pretty pissed I didn’t get the invite to that special-musician-artist-school like these kids when I was younger.  WHY NOT MEEEE?!!

Anywho.  Enjoy this.  They have more vids that are amazing too.  Can’t stand the “fake” laugh at the end of their mash-up, but they can straight light that school on fire for all I care.  They’re THAT good.  Ugh.

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One Response to School of Rock

  1. kelsey says:

    are you kidding me???!!! SOOOOOOO flippin good. i’m seriously so sad that the realty of me being granted one wish, which of course would be to be able to have Ms.Run DMC’s voice, will never happen. Because really, that’s all I want from life after I watch her. Can you imagine my life with that voice? I would be so obsessed with myself. LOL. she’s sooooooo good. i’m watching all her youtube videos now. theres 11 in case you were wondering. and her name is joelle james. um great stage name too! ridic.

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