Liza Jones

Welp.  It’s 800 million degrees in my apartment, and I’ve decided to NOT sweat while sleeping and drive the 30 miles East to my parents house for a weekend of air conditioning and pool-time.  Oh, yeah, and the family time.  And the free laundry.  And the dinners.  I know I’m getting too old to do this (especially since I’m getting married), but CMON!!  The Fiance is gonna be out and about, so I made some plans to GET STUFF DONE.  Like get a tan.  And catch up on my Vogues.

Which brings me to my next Souper.

Souper #2 will be my beloved Liza Jones.  She is un-doubtingly the most creative person I’ve ever shared a household with, and most definitely very close to my heart.  I love her dearly!!  Not only is she talented in many ways, but she’s also my little sister!

Can’t wait to write about her…

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