“Happiness is a costume party.”

This past weekend, the AC in my car broke (and I’m sure if you follow my tweets, you’d already know this…Im sorry, I couldn’t stop talking about it!!).  To make matters worse, I chose to drive to my parents house in L.A. friday traffic because I’m super smart.  Haha. Not really.  By the time I got there, my dress was part of me.  It was no longer a dress on its own, it was wet, and stuck.  Effing gross.  I apologize for the visual.

Not sure about the rest of you, but going home for me means getting that quality time with my family.  I love going there because it’s a safe place, where I always feel weightless with no expectations.  Aka: I can be the lazy person I  struggle to get rid of and do nothing all weekend.  It’s absolutely euphoric.

Upon arrival to my “vacation” home, I knew that Liza Jones would make a perfect Souper #2.  But before we begin, I have a masters degree in trickery, and there is something I need to come clean about.  Liza Jones is not her real name (gasp!!!).  It’s actually Elizabeth Celaya, but for as long as I can remember, my Aunt and Uncle have been proclaimed the “nickname duo,” and everyone they cross paths with somehow gets a new title.  Elizabeth’s just happens to be Liza Jones.

Ahhhh.  I feel better now.  Let’s move on.

24-year-old Liza Jones arrived late on Friday night because she had come from work.  Not only is she a full-time fashion design student at Cal State Long Beach, but she also commutes to her job at Urban Outfitters in Orange County.  Her hair long nearly to her waist (I swear every time I see her, it’s an inch longer.  Ugh. So jeally), big green eyes with spider-like eyelashes, and a style I would call “dark dame,” she exudes talent.

In fact, now that I think of it!!  She looks like a mix between Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride and Katy Perry!! Brill.

I know she would be into this, because along with Vivienne Westwood, Frida Kahlo and Gwen Stefani, it seems that Tim Burton is one of her idols.  A perfect description of the way Liza Jones thinks is when she says, “Happiness is a costume party.”  Being a clothing designer, she is constantly finding inspiration and coming up with zillions of ideas from music to nature to everyday people.  It’s no surprise that Halloween is her favorite holiday, because dressing up not only means you get to look like someone else, but you get to act like someone else.

For anyone who TRULY knows Elizabeth Celaya, knows she is a mysterious, treasured breed.  She’s the girl who seems shy.  Reserved.  Quiet even.  She enjoys sketching, listening to music, and laying on her bed with her mischievously outgoing cat Marley.  

HOWEVER, if you get the chance to really experience Liza Jones, then consider yourself blessed my friends.  Her confidants call her E, E-harms, Eliz, Liza jones, and in our family, she is known as Reno, or Mai Thai.  Going back even further, as a baby, she was addressed “Tiny.”  These pseudos all combine to one person, the one that’s exactly opposite from who you would expect.  Extremely talkative, uber outgoing and funnier than Will Ferrel in his Spartan cheer suit, Liza Jones rocks the house down to the ground with her astounding singing voice.   Yes, she may want her own boutique store in New York one day, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was given a record deal from a hidden producer in a run down karaoke bar.  Oh yeah, let me tell you.  This lady can sing.  And when I say sing, I mean perform. Classic go to songs include anything No Doubt or Gwenni, but she also claims “the list goes on and on!!”

Some of Liza Jones’ personal designs:

Her artistic nature has been alive since she was young.  Painting seemed to be what eased her, and being more of the apprehensive type, she stayed to herself most of her childhood, leaving her more ambitious side to follow later.  Active in sports since five, nothing was as calming or enjoyable as art.  From play-doh to canvas to garments, she has always been crafty making Barbie doll clothes, because well, they needed to look good, of course!

Liza Jones fell in love with New York City a couple of years back and has since felt like a piece of her remains there.  With the busy bodies of expertise in any creative industry that lies there, I know she would fit in well and wow the crowds.  I absolutely have a biased opinion because I’m the older sister, but HEELLOOOO, get in the now!  This lassy is sure to do some great things, and I can’t wait to see what they are.

My top 10 favorite answers to questions:

1. Your trademark: “Doc Marten boots.”

2. Finish this sentence; I want to pee my pants when: “I hold it for too long??”  HAHAHAHA, I love that she didn’t understand what I meant…

3. You are suspicious of: “People that wear pink.”  That’s natural since her favorite color is red, and she usually is seen in black.

4. What is hilarious to you: “When Marley grabs people’s legs!”  hahahah!!  We come from a family of cat lovers (except our dad), so anything cat related is simply hysterical to us.  Get over it.

5. Thing your most proud of: “My family.”  Awwwww….I rove you. TEAR.

6. Ever met a celeb? “If you can call Criss Angel a celeb.  That guy’s a dick!!”  HAHAHAHAA…is he a celeb?  Maybe D-list.  I guess we can ask Perez Hilton.

7.  You can flip a switch and magically make anyone or anything disappear, who or what is it: “Meeeeeee!!!”  See?  One minute she’s a rock star, the next she’s sleeping beauty wrapped up in her bed with the shades drawn.  Classic Leo.

8.  Where were you when Alexander McQueen died: “In my studio probably sleeping.”  BBAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!  I love that this question was almost right after the previous.

9.  First thing that comes to mind when you hear LADY GAGA: “We should be friends.” I say, be careful what you wish for sister!!

10. Favorite Donut: “Boston Cream all the way.”

For more art-tastic fellowship, you can follow Liza Jones on her tumblr account: Love Cats

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2 Responses to “Happiness is a costume party.”

  1. Очень интересная статья, не видела ничего подобного.

  2. Wileanne Adame says:

    from what i have just read, i think that Liza Jones has just become my new role model 🙂

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