First, I wanted to make everyone jealous and tell you that I will be camping in Catalina Island this weekend.  Yes, it is the 4th annual camping trip with the friends, and quite honestly, sometimes you just need to sleep on the sand without anything but a sleeping bag.  I love it.  There’s nothin’ like a place with no bathrooms…haha.

And the bigger news is that I have nailed down Souper #3.

Her name is Tara Simmons and she is soon to be my Sister-In-Law!!!  I am sooo happy she is letting me do this to her…haha.  She is a brilliant choreographer and there will be lots to discover with her.

I look forward to it, and I hope she does too…haha

Have a good weekend!!

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One Response to Announcing…

  1. megs says:

    Oooooo I can’t wait to read all abouts TK :). I really need to start dating a mutual friend of yours so I can be a part of these fabulous little trips your taking…dang. Most importantly though..I love love love your ideas for engagement photos! Wow….can’t wait to see how they turn out. Have a great weekend..yes, I’m jeal…lol.

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