Mistake No. 1

So I learned that after publishing that last quick post, that I should NEVER quick post anything. Haha.  Dangit!  For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about, then great, but I’m about to let you know right now.  I quite possibly made the biggest mistake that every “journalist” gets crucified for.  Rule #1: KNOW YOUR SUBJECTS NAME. hahahahahahahahahahaah.  Duh.

Souper #3’s name is NOT Tara Simmons.  It’s Tara OLSON.

How did this happen you ask?  Well.  I could name off a list of excuses, but the biggest reason of all, is that I was rushing.  We were about to leave for Catalina, and instead of taking more time and posting the night before (ahem, I was at the movies with Fiance watching Inception–holy crap that movie is a piece of radiant bliss),  I decided that it would be a good idea to start five minutes before we should have been at the dock.  Tara has been married for three years, so she has been an Olson for quite some time now.  Calling her by her maiden name = me thinking I was Michael J. Fox and going back in time with Dr. Emmett Brown.

So embarassing.  
My bad Tara Kay.  🙂

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