Sezzy Lezzy

Two of my good girl friends and I have a favorite model (or one of them).  She’s so effing beautiful, it’s insane.  With her delicate scripted tattoos and sexy man-ish  look, it’s hard not to be entranced by her.

Freja Beha Erichsen.  (Que dreamy exhale.)

She’s in what seems like every huge designers runway show, and we always notice her photographed behind the scenes with other gorgeous models (duh, its her job), but typically she’s not just posing…somehow, it always looks like she’s claiming her lady territory.  Haha.

So when THIS came out: British Vogue, we jumped with joy knowing that Miss Erichsen had also “come out.”  Yiippeee!!  We love you Freja! Even more so that your a sezzy lezzy!!

The article makes it seem as though British Vogue didn’t want to talk about “how there’s a big elephant in the room,” but eh, whatever, she’s fantastic and she likes girls.  So what.

Photos by: Paolo Roversi, Vogue Italia

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One Response to Sezzy Lezzy

  1. Ambeezie says:

    holy mackeral, she is beautiful and those dresses she’s wearing are DUMB. ugmhf

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