Ladies…get ready.

Alright.  The time has officially come for Donut Soup to have it’s first MALE SOUPER. Yes.  That’s right.  I may have written about all women, and even a hot lezzy.  But let’s get surious.  DS needs a little male testosterone.

Allow me to introduce my next Souper.  Souper #4: Mr. Sean Krell (I can already hear the applause).

Mister Krell is a good friend of mine, and also in a band called The Library.  They are in the middle of re-recording lots of songs and getting an album together with a new lead singer….all I can tell you, is it’s gonna be goooooooood.  I’ve already gotten a sneak preeve to some previous songs and I couldn’t stay seated.

I can’t wait to get the scoop from Sean on Thursday….yiiipee!!

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