What a colorful life.

Good ‘ol Sean Krell emailed me this morning.  Funny thing is, I got the email at 9:18am when he was supposed to be paying attention at work.  Hhmm….

I don’t know why Sean would be so interested in The Denver Post (we live in Califooorrnia, hellloooooo), but thanks to him, I just saw the most beautiful photographs titled, “Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943.”  The caption to explain the photos reads:

“These images, by photographers of the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information, are some of the only color photographs taken of the effects of the Depression on America’s rural and small town populations.”

Take a looksie at some of my favorites:

New Mexico, 1940

Vermont, 1941

Oklahoma, 1939 or 1940

New Mexico, 1940

Louisiana, 1940

Iowa, 1943

Just looking at the style; the hair, the clothes, the sad faces…it is so simple and perfect.  I keep thinking this is some gorgeous photo shoot, where next week it’ll come out that this was all a hoax, and these are pictures from Annie Leibovitz’s brilliant new spread in Zink Magazine.  It could happen, no?

Check out the rest at Captured: America in Color.  (Thanks Sean)

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