Gavin McA-hole

Some of you may have heard of a famous Canadian writer named Gavin McInnes who also just happens to be the co-founder of Vice Magazine. He has been known to be extremely controversial in not only his written works, but he is also intensely outspoken on anything “politically correct.”  Somebody’s gotta create beef somewhere in order to have a successful magazine, right?  Once people start talking…whoops!  Instant fortune!

Although Gavin stopped working for Vice in 2007, he now has a promising website called Street Carnage, where he ultimately makes fun of “hipsters,” and posts all things gross and perverted.  Let’s be honest, not something I’ll be adding to my list of goodies.  From this flourishing site, a book called “Street Boners” was recently published from it, which features hundreds of photos of crazy young people acting a damn fool all over town.  Of course, my first reaction is, “Oh crap.  I hope I’m not in here.”  My second reaction is then, “Oh I hope there’s someone I know in here.”  Not gonna lie, the book is pretty hilarious.  If I were you, I’d check it out to make sure you’re not headlining (you know who you are…haha).


Mister Sean Krell sent me this video and lookie who!!  It’s Gavin McA-hole!  However, this video was so unexpected, it made me laugh out loud.

Here it is:

Funny, right?  And yes, that’s his daughter.

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2 Responses to Gavin McA-hole

  1. Kristin (the sister you neglect) says:


  2. Ambeezie says:

    HAHAAHAHA that is amazing and hilarious!

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