Just one nail…

If anyone is familiar with my obsession with painted nails, you’ll know that it is ever so difficult for me to walk into any CVS or Target without leaving with a new nail color.  I just can’t help it!!!

I recently picked up Rimmel London’s “French Manicure PRO,” and immediately noticed it’s amazing round/flat brush that makes painting nails a breeze!  Now–I have been painting my own nails since I was twelve, and let me tell you, 1. I’m damn good at it.  I’ve probably paid to get my nails done 3 times in my life.  2. I KNOW when I’ve seen something new. And I’ve never seen a brush like this!  I know this is silly post, but I just had to share the great news…has anyone else used this stuff before?  The “PRO” nail polish comes in several lovely colors, not just the french manicure.  You better believe I’m trying more colors!!

Check out the flat, round brush!  Soooo good!

Because of this post, it made me think of this hilarious stand-up comedian named Anjelah Johnson and her “Nail Salon” bit.  This is pretty old, but it still makes me laugh out loud. I know most of my girlfriends have seen this…

If you’ve ever gotten your nails done at a salon, you know this is exactly what it’s like sometimes!!!  Anjelah “nails” it!!  HAHAHAHAHAAHA.  Ok, totally didn’t mean for that pun to escape the keyboard, I’m so embarrassing, I know….haha.

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3 Responses to Just one nail…

  1. Christina K says:

    haha, i’ve seen this before but it definitely gave me a good laugh again. she does a better asian impersonation than i can and i’m asian!

  2. summer says:

    have you tried american apparels?
    not only do their overpriced tshirts have ahold on me but now so does their nailpolish.

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