So I have this new web friend.  I’m not sure she knows it yet, but she totally is.

I know her as “Christina K.,” and she became my favorer when she commented on one of my posts.  I noticed she had a blog called “My DESIGNated Blog,” and from what I scoped out, it looks like she is relatively new to blogging world just like moi.  I also noticed that she had a twitter (you can follow her here), and OBVS, I quickly jumped on that boat and added her.

Today I’m relaxin’ after work, checking the blog scene, and GASP!!  What?!!!  MY FIRST BLOG MENTION.  Christina!!!!  How nice of you!!  Apparently, last week, Christina K. posted about how she will now be emerging herself in the blog world to find new ones, and good ‘ol DONUT SOUP was mentioned as one of them!  How special do I feel….

It’s EXTREMELY small, but still, that just brightened my day….

Here it is: DS on DESIGNated Blog

Thanks girl!!

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