Gah.  Meeting with makeup artist and close friend Kelsey Bunker-Borrego last Thursday was so much fun.  She makes me laugh so hard, mostly because she says everything that comes to her outlandish mind. There’s something about the non-filter thing that just keeps me rolling with glee!!  I always find friends that just happen to be outrageous, and it’s probably because they’re the most amusing to be around…am I right, or am I roight?!

We went to dinner at the delicious Open Sesame in Long Beach, and because we couldn’t stop gossiping about old high school friends that she OBVS keeps up with on Facebook, we ended up having to do the interview in my car, in a Starbucks parking lot.  HAHAHA. Classy, I know.  After a weird kid walked his way up to her side of the window and asked for an exchange of coin for cash, and then more cash, and then more cash, I just KNEW this night was gonna be good.  It took Kelsey twelve minutes before she could concentrate again, because she was fearful that kid might come back and mug us.  PAH-LEASE.  Call me She-Ra, Princess of Power, but I just don’t fear kids asking for money.  Number one thing to know about Kelsey: she’s an apprehensive Annie.

Ahem…yes, that would be me.  Except I don’t have blonde hair.  Maybe for Halloween?!! She’s hot, yeah?  Random fact: He-man is her brother. Weird, right?  I thought they had a “different” kind of relationship….haha.

Kelsey grew up in Claremont, California, a small liberal city in Los Angeles County. Extremely social, she played AYSO soccer (as most kids did in Claremont) where her and I met in the fourth grade when we played on the same team called Flashback (ironic, huh?).  She had the knarliest permed bangs I’ve ever seen.  So. Cool.  Even then she was setting trends.  Since we didn’t go to the same elementary school, we stayed friends until we were reunited in junior high and both began playing club soccer for The Claremont Stars.

Kelsey has forever been the life of the party.  She even said “Sometimes I feel like I’m too much, like when people meet me for the first time, I can be really overwhelming.  When I sit down and talk, people are just like, whoa.” I happen to love that about her.  She has always been infectious, sincere and extremely motivated.  She was so nice to everyone, that in eighth grade, she was elected our class President (who has 8th grade class Presidents?!!  We did.  Duhhhh) in which I think she promised us free ice cream, like, every day at lunch.  I’m sure I’m making that up, but I know it was something crazy. 8th graders like ice cream, and let me tell you, I don’t remember getting anything for free besides a gym t-shirt.  And even that was probably paid for at registration by my parents.

In high school, she continued her popularity by playing soccer, water polo and joining ASB.  Every dance we went to, she would get her makeup done by M.A.C. and I remember her looking flawless and not understanding how her face looked that smooth.  She always took an interest in fashion, and it seemed that when she started wearing her water polo UGG boots with denim skirts to school without a second thought, no one judged her, and in a way, she was our very own Regina George, wearing whatever she wanted and some how getting away with it.  I wonder if that makes me…Cady Heron? Gretchen Wieners??? Bliss!

Naturally, she was on Claremont High School’s Senior homecoming court and soon after graduation, attended Loyola Marymount University as a freshman.  Discovering soon enough that she didn’t feel at home in the LMU community, she quickly packed her bags (and when I say quickly, I mean one semester finished), and transfered to University of Redlands.  There she made good friends, but when her mom was offered an established position at University of Arkansas, Kelsey was faced with the option of staying in Redlands with her friends, or following her mom to a place where she could meet new people and explore new opportunities.  She easily chose the latter.

Enrolled as a Communications major (Hi, what else?), Kelsey joined the Beta Lambda Sorority and says that Arkansas taught her, “Southern hospitality.  I learned how you can be treated.  I learned how a southern gentleman is (and I brought one back with me)…how to enjoy life at a slow pace.”  She talks about college as if it were Disneyland saying, “I loooved college.  College is like, the best time of your life.  You hang out.  In class, at home…you’re job is to hang out.  Seventy percent social, thirty percent education.”  Not sure her parents would want to hear that, but Regina George would totally say the same thing if she went to college, I’m sure of it!

Kelsey didn’t know exactly what she was going to do when she graduated in 2006, but she always knew she had an interest in makeup and I died when she mentioned her first experience with cosmetics: “When I was in second grade, my parents gave me this face painting book and I repeatedly painted my brothers face [as a] puppy dog and I just always painted him the best dogs I could think of.”  Honestly, every time I read that sentence, I laugh out loud.  I laughed inside as she said it, but I had to keep a straight face at the time so I wouldn’t mess up while I was typing.  But frick!!  That’s hilarious!!

When a friend told Kelsey that a new M.A.C. location was opening up, she jumped at the chance to become an official artist.  Knowing that they only hired experienced and professional artisans, she wrote a cover letter that explained she had been doing makeup informally for years, and would enjoy learning everything she could.  She was put under the true test when they asked her to make-over a client, and do a day-to-night look. Since she didn’t have efficient schooling or training, she knew she could do eyes and lips…but face?  “I had no clue on foundation…” she explains further saying that out of what seemed like hundreds of shades, “I totally picked the exact color foundation for the girl I was doing.  The lady [who was watching me] was like, ‘oh, excellent choice!’  That’s when I was like, oh, I got this!”

Not only is Kelsey a good makeup artist, but she’s also a full time mom.  Her 16-month old daughter Raya is the prime reason behind her blog Kelsey-Lately, and if you’ve visited recently, you’ll promptly find out that Kelsey and her boyfriend Gentry (I like to think of him as her “husband,” but don’t worry Gentry, I’m not pressuring you…haha), are pregnant yet again, this time, with a baby boy.  They are so excited and although I know they can’t wait to meet the little guy, Raya keeps them mighty busy!  Man, that girl has already got personality.  I swear she’s going to be a star…mark my words!!

Look at that runway stare…

Here are some makeup tips from Kelsey that are sure to help anyone who isn’t profesh:

1.  If you only have a short amount of time (or don’t want to wear a lot of makeup), stick to blush and mascara.  It will open your eyes and make your face look bright.  If you have a little more time, add some powder to take away shine and a little lipgloss or lip color.  **Side note: Kelsey on mascara, “Best invention ever.  Such an easy fix.  Never leave home without it.”

2.  Always curl your eyelashes.  It opens your eyes and makes them more noticeable.  “Walk” the curler out by curling at the base of your lashes, then the middle, then the ends.  This will really open them up and give a full curl.

3.  Eyebrows are always forgotten and one of the most important parts of your face, because they literally frame your face and eyes.  This is especially important if you have light or thin eyebrows.  Fill them in with an eyeshadow or eye pencil (close to the same color) and use a small brush to blend.  If you have thick brows make sure they are groomed and use clear eyebrow gel to set them.  Eyebrows have the same effect as a frame for a picture.  A picture without a frame is nice, but when you frame the picture it really stands out.  Remember, eyebrows are sisters, not twins, so they don’t have to match each other perfectly.

4.  If you wear foundation, make sure you get a good match to your skin color!  There’s nothing worse than seeing that line at your jaw where the foundation ends and your skin begins.  I strongly suggest getting your color matched by a professional.  Always blend your foundation down your neck.  You don’t have to actually put foundation on your neck, but use the excess and take it all the way down, don’t stop right at the jaw line.

5.  Natural lighting is the best lighting to use when applying makeup.  For best results, take a picture with a flash to check how your final product looks.  Sometimes that will be the only way for you to see if your foundation matches.  If it’s just a little too dark, add some bronzer to your neck, collar bone and chest.  If it’s too light, add some translucent or matte powder to your neck, collar bone and chest.

6.  Shimmer is a winner!!!!  Applying a little shimmer or bronzer to your collar bone and jaw line will give you great definition and looks amazing in pictures.  If you suck your cheeks in like a fish and put the shimmer where the indent is, and brush up, this will give great definition on your face and is very slimming.

DS Questions:

1.  Alter Egos: “CarMEL.  It’s capitalized, like car-melll.  Not like carmel.  Oh good ‘ol CarMEL.  She was FUUNN.  One day she’ll be back…”  Maybe she needs to meet Esperanza???

2. Secret spot to eat: “Acapulco.  By secret do you mean favorite, ‘cuz that’s what I [said].  I don’t even know any secrets.  I’m too mainstream for places.  I want my tostada complesta.”  And you KNOW she said that in her spanish accent.

3. What would you change about yourself: “My butt.  I wish I could have a huge ass.  Like a good one, like a badonka-donk.  I wish I could get implants if it wasn’t weird.  What do you do?  You cant sit–how would the recovery be?!  Now if I wasn’t being so vain……” (she laughs)…..”I’m good other than that.”  Hahaa, man, I love her!!  J-Lo anyone?

4. If you could choose a celeb to be your BFF, who would it be: “Oh man!!! Only one??!!  Oh my god….seriously?  Only one.  How do I narrow this down….ok.”  She starts counting on her fingers.  “I’m not gonna say her….I’m not gonna say her…I feel like I’m gonna hurt someones feelings!  Do they count if they’re on a reality show?  It’s fine, I don’t really have anyone that lame.  I’m gonna have to go with…Alicia Keys.  Beeecause, she’d keep me grounded.  She seems so cool–nope!  I change my mind!  BEYONCE!!  ALLL THE WAYYYYYY.  I think I just connected with Alicia because we’re both pregnant.  And we would have good play dates…just going out with Aleesh.”  She laughs out loud at herself.  “Beyonce, PLEASE let me just be your friend.  Gentry and Jay-Z would be such good friends…”  IM SORRY, but after how long of an answer she gave me…I was laughing non-stop at how excited she was just fantasizing!

5. What have you learned from your parents: “How to be me, for sure.  And how to live in the world in a way that makes me happy and is respectful to my surroundings but still true to myself.  And to love before anything else.”

6. Goals: “To live comfortably.  Whatever that means, like somehow we have an income that makes us live comfortable, or we live in a town that’s comfortable.  We’re definitely southerners….like a house, with land….also, definitely to be a good parent.  My parents are good parents.  Yeah.”

7. Guilty pleasure: “‘Jerseylicious’.  The best show EVERRR.  Anything that has to do with Jersey.  It’s about these girls that are hair stylists and makeup artists.  I just wish I could live in a town and dress like that.  I’m such a Jersey girl.” Again, she counts on her fingers. “TAN, BIG HAIR, ANIMAL PRINT…KELSEY, ELIZABETH, BUNKER.” BBaahhahahahaha!!  We both laughed for three straight minutes, it was so perfect.  “I trryy to restrain myself all the time.  And huge nails and light pink lips with smokey eyes…fake eyelashes for no good reason…and that’s all to pick up Raya from day care. That’d be the life.”  Who admits to this stuff?!  So good.

8. Did you always want to be a mom: “Always.  Allllllways.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t wait to be a mom, but I always wanted to have kids.  I love it.”

9. How did “Kelsey-Lately” start: “Half of me felt really guilty because I posted so much on Facebook, and then I happened to chat with [a friend] Cathleena, and I never thought about it!  So fifty percent goes to her.  Now people can know about Raya.  They can go–if they want to they can, if not…So [at least] now I’m not that girl.”

10. Favorite donut: “The ones with white frosting and sprinkles.” The cake donut.  I like those too.

To view Kelsey’s work, ask her for more tips or book her for an event, just visit her on MakeUp by KelseyB Facebook page.

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