Attention Moms!!

Since having to put together 3 fashion inspiration concept boards for work, I have been stumbling across the most interesting of blogs today.  This one in particular just made me gasp!  Although it is not a fashion blog (thank goodness, I’m already getting tired of them), it still captured my utmost attention in only seconds.

A very talented and creative mother from Helinski, Finland, recently started Milas Daydreams where she orchestrates her daughters nap time into brilliant faux-dream fantasies and taking photos of her while she sleeps.  Honestly, it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.  I laughed out loud and tried to show the Fiance, but I don’t think he thought it was as amusing as I did.  Whatever, he’s a boy.  Boys don’t get it.

Check out my faves:

“Surfer Girl”

“Oh What a Circus!”

Isn’t it just adorable?  She makes it look so easy, I wonder how long she thinks about each theme…

Check out Milas Daydreams to see the rest of her photos.  Love love love!!

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