Sweet relief!

I have ever so nicely been given the past two days off to work from home.  Quite honestly, it has been so great to be able to focus on one thing!!  I had to do some fashion inspiration boards for Spring 2011, and even though I always feel like nothing really changes from season to season, it’s great to catch up on all my favorite blogs and magazines and see what the peeps are raving about.  Most of the time I’m quite the critic and end up thinking everything is more than boring, but I’m forcing myself to come up with things I think are pretty, or unique.  Nothing is ever unique, don’t you agree?  I definitely have a love/hate relationship with clothing–love; because well, they are brilliant and really do transform the way you look and feel (you can’t deny putting on a beautiful dress and feeling like a princess, cliche, but oh so true), and hate; because I just can’t bare the thought of spending real money on something that’s made from cloth, especially if I can find a more individualistic piece for way less cash at a thrift store.  I get tiresome REAL quick of trends and feel that I’m constantly looking to the next.

I’m not some crazy fashion guru or anything of the sort, but I do like to believe I have a sense of future, or fearlessness about clothing.  I’ll wear something that everyone thinks is hideous, that’s for sure.  I know Fiance would like to see less of those daring, Man Repeller (hilarious, amazing blog) ensembles I choose to put on, but if I like them, I’m wearing it.  I’m pretty sure my mom thinks I’m trying to “punk” the family every now and then when I show up to holidays wearing harems and a turban headband.  She thinks I cover up a lot.  Ha!

Enough about my silly steez…here are some of my favorite images I found hunting:

A few for the feminine:

This is my friend Beth Jones from BJonesStyle.  She’s really great and has a lovely sense of style.  The leopard on leopard makes me happy because not everyone can pull it off.  I love stuff like that!

For the hippys:

This is by Jack Spade

Found at Oki-Ni–so cute!

Resort 2011 from 3.1 Phillip Lim

Ahhh.  Glorious.  Resort 2011 Proenza Schouler.

For the rock stars:

Sonia Rykiel Spring 2010

Chloe Resort 2011

For the androgynous (or the nickname that Slater gave Zack; “Preppy”):

Pretty sure I found this guy on The Sartorialist

From Ritournelle Blog

Not only am I relieved I have completed my project, but I also found out today that I have received a great honor: “Best Of” for my womens AND mens departments!!  For the entire company!!!  I am so proud of my team…frick, we deserve it!

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6 Responses to Sweet relief!

  1. JAMES says:


  2. Ritournelle says:

    Thank you for linking my blog!

  3. Christina K says:

    ah, a great way to start the day – with some yummy donut visuals.
    i found bjones while looking through some fashion blogs. really adore it.
    and i agree with the trends – i always try to be a rebel – at least stick out from those around me even if it’s the slightest thing as my hair part (almost everyone I know has the side part and bangs). haven’t developed a style enough to stick to it though.
    anyhoots! congrats for the ‘Best of’!!!

  4. Mom says:

    Congrats on the “Best Of” in two departments!!!! You work very hard and deserve it! It’ll all pay off big for you, you can count on it. Oh, and you do cover up too much….Maybe you were born in the wrong era….hahahaha

  5. bjonestyle says:

    Ah.. Cathleen.. you are great! Just found your blog and wham! there I am am. Thanks for the shout out!

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