It all goes to the head.

Years ago I worked as a stylist assistant for an Orange County fashion magazine (I tried searching for it, and it looks as though it doesn’t exist anymore???).  I had absolutely no experience, and even to this day I can’t believe I was given such an opportunity to learn. For anyone who does or used to style (Lucy…), I FEEL YA!!  For someone who knows nothing about it, it’s effing hard work!  Going from store to store to store, looking around, pulling clothes you think will fit the concept (and the model) of the shoot, and then CARRYING it all around town…holy moly!!  I thought my arms would fall off eventually.  Welp.  They didn’t.  Thank goodness.

The reason for this story: I opened my trunk today and found a small shoe box that I always overlook.  Inside the shoe box are 3 headpieces I made for one of the shoots we did back in the day.  The story had to do with some 15 year old girl wearing lingerie (but in a pretty way, not a skanky way–stop gettin’ nasty), and I was asked to make a few pretty headpieces for her hair.  I had no idea what the stylist or photographer wanted, so I just went to town.  They didn’t need me on set that day, so I ended up just dropping off the headpieces, and taking off, hoping they would be acceptable.  Later that day I got a call from the stylist and she was freaking out telling me how beautiful and insane they were…she said she had in mind some ribbon with flowers on it. HAHAHAHA.

Here they are:

The baby rose

This one is the first one I did and it took me the longest by far.  My favorite.

This one I threw in not knowing if they wanted a “beach” theme…haha.  It’s really heavy and hardly stays on!

In the end, they only used the full floral one, but it hardly made the picture.  All my labor! For one measly shot!  I remember feeling let down, but eh–at least I still have them in case I want to throw one on for a day…anyone for a play date of princesses and mermaids??

The image they used.  Glory.

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One Response to It all goes to the head.

  1. summer says:

    um. i want that. i need that.
    my birthday is in october. i’ll be expecting to be wearing it on my head.
    k thanks.

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