Really quickly: Does anyone know how they choose blogs to be on the “home” page of WordPress??  DS was featured on the ART home page tonight, and I’m just curious as to how they pick certain posts??  This is all new to me!  But woo hoo!  I’ll take any new readers I can get!  Hahaha….

So thanks WordPress!  And thank you Its Strangely Me!


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One Response to Me???

  1. Ritournelle says:

    Well congratulations!!
    I think they go through the tags you choose for your posts to sort the most interesting ones out. At least that’s what they do for “Freshly pressed” so I’m guessing it’s more or less the same process.
    Envoy your success!
    xx your fellow writer who is featured on the WordPress “fashion” page (no I’m not bragging)

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