Fiesta, fiesta.

Well, I wanted to say a few short things.

1. I won’t be doing any Soupers for the next couple weeks or so, because not only will I be gone this weekend for a sweet bachelorette in the middle of no-wheres-ville (can’t wait, I’ll make sure to bring back lots of pics…the place we’re staying at is AH. MAY. ZING.), but Fiance and I will be going East to New Jersey.  Uh huh.  Ocean City, New Jersey is where we will be for a glorious family wedding event that I honestly can hardly wait to be at.  I’ve never been to NJ before, and with all the hooligan trash talk that poor state has been getting lately, I think unfortunately it might make it more fun.  Why?  I have no idea.  Just to be able to say that I’m going to NEW JERSEY!  Yiipee!!  The only problem, I still don’t know what I’m going to wear….booooo.

After our visit to NJ, Fiance and I are jumping on a train to my beloved world of delight–New York City. It makes me the happiest person on earth every time I step foot in that crazy town.  I feel like I can instantly turn into any person or thing I want…it’s incredible how a solid city of cement can make you believe it’s ALIVE.  Ah.  Brill.

ANNNDDD–Guess what my friends…IT’S OLYMPUS FASHION WEEK.  Go ahead.  Be jealous.  Anyone wanna help a sistah out and get me (and Fiance) into some after-parties?????  We’re reeeeeeal fun….swear!

2.  I’m trying to line up a couple DS interviews while I’m out there with some fantastically talented people.  Maybe I’ll try and do some small updates while I’m there??

3. My legs are KILLING me.  Not sure why.

4. And finally, Fiance and friends have started an ingenious marketing collective called Sew Creative which has been in full swing for almost a year now.  They are extremely dedicated to doing some great work, and for a start, they have booked a campaign deal with FORD Motor Company.  Oh yeah.

The project is called The Peoples Fleet.  In 8 weeks, 12 non-profit orgs will be driving around 5 Ford Fiestas, and their story told through video.

I encourage everyone to take a gander at their site…it’s going to be epic.

Here’s the first look:

Fiesta, fiesta!!  Oi!

Until next week!!

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2 Responses to Fiesta, fiesta.

  1. Ambeezie says:

    That video is really good! How exciting for SEW!!

  2. kelsey says:

    love the video!!!
    have fun in NEW JERSEY. you know i’m so jealous 🙂

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