The Hills Have Beautiful Eyes

First of all, HAPPY LABOR DAY!!  I don’t have to work, and it truly makes the week go by soooo much faster.  Just one day makes all the difference.  Why can’t I always work four day weeks??

I just wanted to make a quick post (even though, YES, I know I said I would never do another quick post because of the easy mistakes but whatevs), and show everyone the fantastic house we stayed in this past weekend for a friends bachelorette party in the middle of Joshua Tree.

Our car ride out there was quite an experience.  Let’s just say that when they give SPECIFIC hand written directions to the place, and literally say in the letter DO NOT FOLLOW GPS, you probably shouldn’t use GPS.  Hahahaha.  We found ourselves in the middle of a self-made road, 500 feet close to a steep drop off hill after the sun had set. Giant desert bugs were crawling across the sand/dirt and I swear I really thought we were in the right place, until I realized the address had magically changed on the GPS without me knowing, because–well–the address doesn’t exist on GPS.  DUH.  I’m an idiot.  Good thing we were only 9 miles away from the actual house.

Ahhhhh….this house:

Rock Reach House

The living room

Mineral tub

We had so much fun, we didn’t want to leave.  The weather was outstanding, the food was great and the company was phenomenal.  The design of the house was so modern and lovely, all we talked about was how brilliant we thought the owners taste was.  Great choice for a coffee table!!  I almost tried to fit it in the trunk.  Ha!  J.K.

More to follow later….

Check out the Rock Reach House for more photos.

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3 Responses to The Hills Have Beautiful Eyes

  1. Ritournelle says:

    The title of your post totally freaked me out when I saw it on my phone this morning (“The hills have eyes” = the first and last horror movie I’ll ever see).
    The house and the location are beautiful for sure though.

  2. Slamdunk says:

    That looks like some adventure. Nice job finding it–but I am leery of GPS and Internet directions as well–rightfully so it appears.

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