Welcome to Cribs…

Ok…so I just learned how to use iMovie.  Basically I watched the tutorial and went for it. Please don’t judge!  This is my very first iMovie movie!  I have a lot to learn if I want to continue trying to post vids (which I do….), so if anyone has direction, let’s hear it!

I am about to unleash our Rock House Tour, enjoy!

Oh.  Nevermind my man voice, apparently I swallowed a tranny.


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6 Responses to Welcome to Cribs…

  1. Mom says:

    Can’t see it, it’s marked private…

  2. Ritournelle says:

    It worked for me. It’s amazing the number of things you learn just for your blog; your 1st video turned out pretty well!
    By the way, why isn’t yur Gravatar a donut? 😉

  3. Ambeezie says:

    So sorry that we BOTH swallowed trannys… why do we have the same man voice?? Oh and your favorite thing to do is speak in abreevs. I think I counted 5 you used. I’m not even mad… that’s amazing

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