The Amazing FACE

Holy mother of planet earth.

For everyone who doesn’t know about my obsession with wanting to be on “The Amazing Race,” I have been planning on auditioning seriously with my Besty for years now.  We even have a good story behind us (that’s a whole other post).  However, if anyone has read up on all the detailed small print behind signing up, you’ll find out that if you audition, that’s it.  You can NEVER audition ever again.  Even if you don’t hear back from them–that just means “thanks, but no thanks” from CBS.

So hopefully you can understand my cautiousness about turning in a video.  It’s got to be goooood.

So after having this discussion with Sean Krell at lunch yesterday, he just sent me this terribly painful video:


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4 Responses to The Amazing FACE

  1. Ritournelle says:

    The content is blocked in my country for copyright reasons 😦 Good luck on the audition though!

  2. Slamdunk says:

    Now that is something I did not expect–ouch city.

    This weekend we went to a corn maze and we shot corn out of a air cannon–glad I did not meet any cobs face to face.

  3. Ambeezie says:

    Holy mother teresa that video!!!!!! BAAHAHAHA ROR!! So amaze! The only thing I could think the whole time was she is SO weak! get it together girlfriend!
    I’m getting you all the proof you need that I’m ready so we can audition! Get fricking ready my friend get ready.

  4. summer says:

    i mean. you know i worked for amazing race in casting for a season right?
    you blew it.

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