The PACKING District.

It’s 7:08pm and I have yet to begin packing for my vacation.  What’s wrong with me you ask?  Oh, I dunno.  IM OVERWHELMED!!!  I leave tomorrow, but I hardly have any time in the morning, and we all know how packing in the morning goes…yiiiikes.  I’m beginning to panic because:

1. I’m attending a wedding.  That means wedding attire must be packed.  Which means space taken up in my suitcase for things I won’t wear later in the trip.  Ach.

2. I’ll be going to 3 different places.  That means 3 different weathers (yes, weathers). That means I have no idea what to pack.  Which also means less room in my suitcase if I have to pack a jacket.  For rain.  Ach.

3. The last destination is my place of wonderland, aka: NYC.  I want to dress cute everyday.  Because it’s FASHION WEEK.  And because Scott Schuman (photographer and creator of blog The Sartorialist) might be lurking the back streets of the L.E.S. (lower east side–duh) to take a photo of me.  But I can’t pack all that I need in order to look appropriate for Scott if I have to pack for previous events!!

4. I always pack a carry-on.  Always.  Somehow I always challenge myself to see how small I can make a bag, in order not to check one and take the risk of the airline not finding my best pieces.  But this time…I think I’m gonna have to check.  Honestly, just HOW am I supposed to fit shoes??!!  I don’t even own a large suitcase.  I’ll have to borrow from Fiance.  For sure he won’t be using anything larger than a backpack.  He’s a traveler at heart….a minimalist.  Love it.

My closet…what to pack…what to pack….???

Some of my shoes in the WACC closet (Womens Accessories).

Gaaaahhhh.  I need to get it together.

Shoes I wore to work today…a little crazy, but I love them.  Found these bad boys at the Rose Bowl Flea.  They’re velvet and leather with embroidery!!  Woo hoo!  Score!

Alright!  Wish me luck!  I’ll try to post while I’m out there…

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3 Responses to The PACKING District.

  1. KJE says:

    You must be one amazing writer because I read all of your posts even though the topics rarely interest me. Packing? Fashion? Really? Yet I read every word.

  2. I hope you have a great trip!
    I’m very jealous of the amount of clothes and shoes you have.
    How will you decide what to pack?! :O

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