Jersey love.

I don’t have much time!!  But I wanted to do a quick share of my Philly/New Jersey visit.  Man! It was great, honestly.  We were there for a wedding (which was so beautiful and the couple is sooooo amazing) with Fiance’s family, and we stayed in a hotel on the JERSEY SHORE.  No kidding!  I was there!  It was quite an experience, and yes, I do believe we stuck out like a Laker fan at a Celtics game, but we had a lovely time.

Here are some photos:

We took a visit to the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.  To womens rights!!!

Celebrating my Native American (tiny) background….

There she is, in all her glory.

The oldest running ice cream shop (in Philly) in the United States.  AND YES, I got pistachio with a sugar cone.  Yuummmyy.

JERSEY SHORE!!  Fist pumps and all…

Classy.  For anyone who isn’t quite sure, THIS is a no-no.

Our view from our hotel room.  It was right behind us!

I’ll be posting more soon…however I’m running on reserve battery power!!  Yikes!

Trying to book a NYC Souper today….

Until later!!

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One Response to Jersey love.

  1. Ritournelle says:

    lol at the “fashion no-no”
    The last pictures are so typically American for me. I learnt a couple of days ago that I’ll be moving to NYC in a month; it’ll be fun to see these kind of places again!

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