Numero UNO!

So Fiance and I officially have THEE most important thing checked off our wedding to-do list.  WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS.  Ohhhh myyyy gosh is this the biggest thing for me. Every single bride I have spoken to says the same thing, spend money on two things: 1. Photographers and 2. alcohol.  Isn’t it true though?!  No one remembers the dress (except the bride and a few fashionistas), the food or the venue.  The only thing you have left in the end is #1–pictures, and #2, good stories from friends and family.  Great pictures come from great photographers, which also stem from good stories.  I am soooooooo excited about our photographers, it’s insane.

They’re names are Mary and “The” Joel, and they are the amazing married photo duo called Blue Window Creative.  I was seriously online stalking them for months when it came to me that—hellllooo—they needed to be mine.  I cannot express my happiness when they wrote me back and we all decided to meet up in LA weeks ago.  From there it was a match made in creative heaven, and I am so ecstatic that they will be the ones to capture our every move on our wedding day.

They are not only brilliant, but they are documentary style photographers where nothing is posed.  Their pictures bring a certain realness and romance to life, I swear, the emotion they catch is breathtaking.  In fact, they have been recently awarded 4th and 10th place in the international Wedding Photo Journalism Association (WPJA) contest for a couple pictures from one of their previous weddings.

From the Chelsea + Adam album (I DIED over these photos):

How beautiful is this family portrait??  I cannot get enough.  I just feel so blessed to have found the most talented wedding photographers!!  YEESSS!!

Please check out the rest of this gorgeous wedding: Chelsea + Adam

You can also follow Mary on Twitter at: @bluedub and The Joel at: @andTheJoel

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5 Responses to Numero UNO!

  1. Ritournelle says:

    Congratulations on finding these two photographers, their work is truly amazing! From what I can see on your blog, their style fits yours well and their pictures are much more memorable than the classic stuff you usually see for weddings.
    Good luck on the alcohol now 😉

  2. Megs says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!! im so excited for u! congrats! big sigh of relief, now all u need is the alcohol and its time to party..JK 🙂 cant wait for this day to get here. 2011 the year of TYLEEN 🙂 ra ra ra …

  3. Christina K says:

    Congrats! They kind of remind me of feather love photography.
    Are you going to be updating with wedding details? 😀

    • donutsoup says:

      I know you love wedding material…haha! I will try and update about wedding stuff, but I feel like it’s so…PERSONAL…you know!! 🙂 we’ll see!!! Im still unsure about even posting pictures of myself! haha…

  4. Cece Smissen says:

    Cathleen these photos are spectacular. Perfect choice.

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