Fantasy Land.

Ohhhh man.  My trip was so amazing that it was definitely difficult to head back to work this morning.  Sometimes when you go back to work from a long vacation, you’re refreshed and ready to step back into the real world.  But noooo.  Not me.  Eventually the day got easier, but I’ll be the first to admit that Mondays are ROUGH!  Where’s my fantasy land of not working and frolicking in the sun with fancy friends and parties in New York?!! Frick!  Lame!

Wanted to share a few pics…

Simply the most amazing weather I’ve experienced in NY.  The first few days were incredible.  Perfect day for a sun dress and hanging with friends while drinking rose in Sheep Meadow…

I learned how to play Backgammon from the Brandt brothers.  I think it’s pretty easy to pick up, no?  Don’t they just LOOK smart??

Beauty of a couple.  Good friends Jason & Mandy.

Typical of China town, but so pretty.  Every single street corner looks like this.  At least these don’t smell like doodie breath…The seafood corners are DEATH.

For some reason I LOVE this picture.  Some good friends (Fiance, Brandt brother, among others), and I went to the Jeremy Scott party on Wednesday night at Le Bain in The Standard Hotel.  The view is SURRIOUSLY incredible, I could not get over it.  How often do I get to see the city like DAT?!  Never.  Not only is there a view over looking New Jersey and Manhattan from the inside, but IN THE BATHROOMS as well!  The stalls are individual and like your very own personal escape; I’m positive people can see you sitting on a toilet from across the street, but it’s so cool, who cares!  I tried to take a video while I was in there, but when I got home, turns out it nothing recorded.  UUGGHH.

The next night we walked the Brooklyn Bridge (which BTW, I wasn’t expecting to be so long and my legs went numb, I swear) from the Lower East Side and it was perfect weather until it decided to start raining.  It didn’t matter though, we continued to walk until we grabbed some beers and went and sat overlooking the Manhattan Bridge.  Glorious.

After walking in the rain, we decided to take a cab back to the East Village to have dinner. Much debate went on about what we wanted to eat, and when it came down to decision making (which I’m usually pretty darn good at), it was all about the Indian food.  We landed at some craaaaazy place that I still do not know the name of (I know, I know), which was a freaking BLAST!!!  Basically the food was delicious, the people were amazing and the entertainment of loud Indian pop music blasting while singing happy birthday to strangers made our night a success.  I mean, people could barely stand up in the tiny place with all the strung lights everywhere…MAD HOUSE.

OH–super random that there was a HUGE storm in brooklyn last Thursday!  I was having lunch with a good friend in Manhattan and then we noticed the sky going black. Within seconds it opened up to a giant storm with thunder and lightening.  I had to book it to the subway, running for my life (ahem, I was wearing a white, sheer, linen button-up), while the thick drops drenched my body…In a strange way, it was one of my favorite parts of the week.

Here is a vid I found on youtube that shows how intense it got:

By the end of our trip, Fiance asked me if I could see us living there.  OF COURSE I said yes.  Aahh…if only that day would come sooner rather than later…we will see!!

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One Response to Fantasy Land.

  1. Ritournelle says:

    Aaaah I can’t wait to see the city for real 😀 I’ve only been to NYC for quick trips, so if you have tips on places to hang out or shop, please please let me know!

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