All kinds of eery

Am I allowed to write about this??

So I went for a walk last week to stroll into a cute little vintage store on Hoover Street called Enid and Edgar in Silverlake (we’ll get to that later).

On my way there, I have previously seen this little ditty, but this time, I came prepared with my cam-cam, knowing this time I was going to document.  Now this isn’t the best part of town, and yes, I did get more than a couple honks from idiot dirty men in their gross trucks staring at me like I was wearing lingerie (BTW, I was wearing ankle boots, and a jumper, NBD), but capturing this creepy place was worth it.

This is the site from a far.  See that bush that’s coming out over the street?  Yeah…just wait.

Getting closer.  I mean, it looks like this giant bush is being properly cut out so that passersby can walk under it…isn’t there some kind of effing city code against this kind of brush????  IT’S TAKING OVER THE SIDEWALK!!!

And here it is.  This may not look like much, but inside this enormous over grown plant is a tiny smushed door with an address and a slot for mail.  Does this mean someone lives here??  It creeps me out so much, especially because I can’t imagine what is inside this tiny hidden home.

Here is another weird door that is to the right of the mail slotted door.  I mean, WHAT IS GOING ON HERE???  I just don’t get it…anyone have any ideas???

Even better, I googled the address and it says the address belongs to Hyland Flaven Pottery (which I believe might be next door??) and has no information on the pottery place from what I could find.  Here is the best picture from Google Maps:

HAHAHAHAHA!!!  This makes me laugh so hard!!  Hilarious.  This bush has an address, naturally.

Well then I went into the vintage store Enid and Edgar:

How cute–minus the knarly bars everywhere–this place is so awesome.  I might have overheard that the owner is quite lovely and perhaps british??  Not sure, but here are some pictures from their website.  Because the location is an old house, the fitting room is just the cutest thing in the whole world.  It seems to be outside and there are feathers hanging from the trees with a mirror at the end of the “inside/outside” room.  Magical.

As I was sneaking around on their blog, I found the funniest thing.  In one of their pictures, they have a girl modeling one of their found pieces.

I freaked out because—GASP!!!—I have the exact same one!

How strange is THAT?!!  Im telling you…spooky early halloween bologna!!  hahaha…

And P.S. it got to 113 degrees in downtown Los Angeles today.  It’s probably 86 degrees in my house right now and I can’t seem to find a way to get cool.  No air condish is the WORST.  I need misters over my bed and an outfit made from frozen otter-pops.

Jeeeeeez la weeeeeez.

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5 Responses to All kinds of eery

  1. kim kuntz says:

    you freaking crack me up!! i could literally hear your voice reading me that post! miss you!

  2. Shari says:

    Ok Mighty Mouse, you better carry some mace with you when you go out gallivanting. Who knows who’s lurking in those bushes!!!

  3. kelsey says:

    HAAAA-larious 🙂 The part that seriously made me laugh out loud was discovering your matching grandma/indian/? sweater. too good. you can’t make that ish up!

  4. megs says:

    I think I saw that bush on the latest episode of hoarders!!! Yiiiiiii….u better take your prince with u the next time u make an outing toward that part of your town. Miss u xoxoxo

  5. Ambeezie says:

    FREAKING HILARE!!!! I mean really??? I love that the bush has an address and that the store has your same poncho sweater. AMAZE! Megs right, you need your prince with you next time otherwise someone is going snatch your little self right up franny!

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