This past weekend, not only was the weather at the beach SPECTACULAR (I’ve been waiting for that kind of beach weather all. summer. long.), but I was able to ride my neglected beach cruiser over to Miss Megan Moss’ house.  Luckily, I caught her in the act of making cupcakes for a birthday party in order to snag some quick shots–and even more lucky, she made me and the future-in-laws a dozen freshies to-go!!  How sweet (yes, it’s a pun) of her!  Too bad that on my one-handed bike ride home, nearly two streets away from my destination, I lost control when I hit a tiny dip in the road, and OOPS! There went Megan’s perfect cakies (sorry Meg, never told you…HAHAHAHA). They ended up being not that messed up (phew!), and the whole Fiance family ate them up no problem.

(Pic taken before the spill.)  Yuuuum.  Chocolate, vanilla/raspberry?, red velvet with cream cheese frosting and lemon.  All four were a hit.

I’ve known Megan for several years now.  She is the very first friend of Fiance’s that I met and even though the circumstances of our first meeting was particularly special (that’s a different story–wink wink Meg!),  I knew almost immediately that her and I would be great friends. Megan is a prime example of what a Souper is all about.  She works full-time as an account associate at a boutique advertising agency in Newport Beach, but her young brand of baked goods “Megalicious Confections,” started just a couple of years ago when our friends had frequent parties.

“I always just brought dessert at our friends potlucks, and [experimented with] different flavors, or kinds of desserts…someone asked me to make cupcakes…[a friend’s] client wanted robot cupcakes and I said I can try, and from then on, people started paying me!  Most of the time I search to find pictures for inspiration first and then go from there.”

Roses!  I bet they taste better than they smell….

The best part about interviewing Megan in her home, is that her mom, Jill, comes down to say hi, and then runs upstairs letting us know that she’ll leave us alone so that Megan can go and “be famous.”  HAHA.  I felt like we were little girls having play time in the basement.  It was awesome.  Even better, when I would ask Megan a question and she would pause, Jill would yell down her answer from the top of the stairs.  It was so great, Megan and I were laughing that it was straight Will Ferrel yelling at his mom “the meatloaf!” from Wedding Crashers. Hilarious.

I asked Megan if she had any other talents that she wanted to share, and before Megan could get a word in, it went like this:

Jill: She can sing!

Megan: Mom!  I can cook…

J: Shes very artistic–Megan makes everyone laugh, old people love her,  young people love her…

M: Mom….

J: But she sucks at making cookies!

M: Yeah, I suck at making cookies.  I’m really good at photo-shopping people’s heads on fat bodies.  I’m really good at video games—guitar hero!!  I’m like an underground gamer.

The whole conversation was amazing.  Though Megan laughs at her mom’s silly comments, it looks as though the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  As we talked about her earliest memory of baking, she tells me that it was when Jill made her a Barbie doll cake for her fifth birthday.  Right on cue, Jill yells down, “I have a picture, wanna see it?!” Megan yells back, “No!” while I yell back “yes!”  And guess what–in .04 seconds, there Jill was, running down the stairs with photo in hand.  So good.

How precious is she?!!

Because Megan bakes out of her home, she doesn’t have a business license to open her own shop.  “My current boss is opening a coffee shop and wanted to hire me…” which for her, would be ideal.  She could then be an independent baker, and sell her goods under the business owners license.  Dream, right?  “I would kill for a double oven, you don’t even know.”

Since “Megalicious” started, she said she has baked tons of treats, too many to count.  “I feel like have at least 3 orders a week.  I had to do two hundred mini cupcakes for a Thursday night [one time]. I don’t even know what it was for.  After work, it’s hard to get things done.”

(*Megan wanted me to make sure that if I posted this picture, that I would announce that she most definitely is not Team Jacob.  This was for a birthday.)

As for me, I’m honestly not sure I’ve ever baked anything by myself in my life.  Quick anecdote: When my sisters and I were kids, we loved to make chocolate chip cookies for our dad.  That happened often (or so I remember).  My sister is now a baking queen.  You name it, she makes it.  Oh, me?  Yeah.  I haven’t touched egg beaters since.  (Is that what they’re called?  I like cooking, not baking).  Another quickie: A few days ago my good friend asked me if I could bake some brownies for her wedding. HHHAAAAAAA—I said yes.  Whoops!!!  Hope she doesn’t read this!

Her cupcakes are sold as follows:

For a basic dozen, meaning no decoration–$24–Mini cupcakes are sold by two dozen.

Decorative dozen–$36

This is an example of her decorative cupcakes.

Another good one.  Reminds me of my Raging Water days.  DUH–of course I had a summer membership…helloooo!

Prices of cakes vary.  For a small six-inch round–$25

Three tiered wedding cakes–$225. Depending on degree of creativity, they could be more.

I am so pleased that Megan has accepted to be my wedding cake baker!!  I am the least picky about stuff like this, so hopefully she finds this fun and not stressful.  I quickly made her a frequent to The Knot when I sent her pics of cakes I liked…she emailed me saying she immediately created a profile–without a Fiance.  Duh Meg.  Where have you been–and you don’t need anyone to appreciate all the goodness of weddings!

DS Questions:

1. What are the perks and downfalls to being a baker: “Ok.  Perks.  Eating or sampling.  Downers.  Fat ass and thunder thighs.  Can I put that?”  YES YOU CAN.  Hahaha.

2. Agony: “Not having enough hours in the day to get all [my] stuff done.  Umm…living with your parents when your 26…”  Oh please.  Tons of people do it.  Just call them “roommates.”

3. Guilty pleasures: “Oh gaaad,” (she laughs) “Lets just start with crème brulee.  Spending too much on my credit card and returning it later because I feel bad.  I really like zombie movies…”

4. Best advice to give a stranger: “Be nice to everyone you meet because you never know when you’re gonna meet them again.  They could be higher than you in the future.  Never make an enemy.  It’s such a  small world.”  STRAIGHT TALK!!  I need to remember that one.

5. Any collections: “Ew.  I hate junk, I throw everything away.  Sometimes I regret it, but I’d rather not have it.  Have you seen Hoarders?”  HAHAHAHAHAHA.  No, I haven’t. But I’ve heard all about the dead animals lying stuck in between a mile high stack of falling boxes in someones living room.  Living nightmare.

6. Sports background: “Field hockey in high school. I played soccer but I wasn’t that good.  I lettered in badminton, only because I didn’t want to take P.E.”  That’s called, beating the system.  I didn’t take P.E. either.  But I was actually really good at soccer. HAHAAHA (It’s true, don’t be jealy).

7. Name one thing you need in life: “A toothbrush?  How gross if you didn’t brush your teeth?!”  We both laughed after she said this because she was dead serious.  Sidenote: She said the best compliment she ever received was that she had nice teeth.  I guess going without brushing those bad boys isn’t an option when you’re pearlies are attention-getters.

8. Thing you’re most proud of: “Oh!  I was voted most positive energy in my entire agency, and I won a kindle!”  Those things are badass, if I actually read books instead of blogs and magazines, I would really want one.

9. Blackberry or iPhone: “Ew.  iPhone for sure.  Blackberry, sooo 1990.”  EW?!  WHATEVER.  I hate touch screen for texting; I need to feel my fingers lighting the keyboard on fire.  K, thanks.

10. Favorite donut: “Maple bar.  Had one this morning.” Now this is something we can agree on.  YUUUUUMMYY!  I want one now!

If you would like to make an order with “Megalicious Confections,” you can email Megan Moss at meganlmoss@aol.com.

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6 Responses to Homebaker.

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  2. really enjoyed this one 😉 can i get a hell yeah for the sail boat cupcakes…adorb!!

  3. Christina K says:

    being able to photoshop heads onto fat bodies is a skill to be envied. haha!

  4. kelsey says:

    Love this! She’s so good. Ps-egg beater..do you mean that thing you plug in and mix all the ingredients with? cause that would definitely be called an electric mixer (and i may or may not have spent 3 minutes looking for a picture of it because i didn’t know what to put into google to search for it 😉 HAHA. emailing Megalicious now!

  5. Ritournelle says:

    Haha it’s so hard to look at pictures of cakes when you can’t even taste them! I wish I knew how to bake like that and it’s even more impressive when you know it’s not even her full-time job.

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