What can I say, it’s a gift.

Last friday I went thrift hunting.  I had very specific things in mind, so when I got there, I went straight to the areas I knew I needed to hit first.

On my list were: 1. A dress to wear in my friend’s wedding.  Yes, I was searching for a bridesmaid dress at the thrift.  So what.  She’s a hippy and told us we can wear anything. 2. Super fun/outrageous party gear to wear to my bachelorette that isn’t really planned yet.  Yeah, give me a break, I live in the future, and I’ll probably never change.

For the first treasure, I beeline it to the dress section.  I find nothing.  Well…I found this nude dress with shoulder detail with batwing not-quite-full-length-sleeves-but-not-3/4 sleeves that I guess I had to have.

Sweet little floral cut-out detail.  The dress hits at the new “modern” length, which is right in the middle of my shin, which I kinda really like.  Wrap a belt around it or not, its super simple and that’s why I bought it.  $6.

I continue to look through all the dresses and skip a section because there were a ton of ladies scouring for Halloween costumes.  Move it or lose it sister!!  I was a little annoyed because not only were they loud, but they were also hogging a potential gem.

Anyway, I move on to my next section: the skirts.  I immediately find this:

Ahhhh.  Dream.  White lace skirt with a high slit?!!  A-thank-you.  I’ll take it.  $3

Remember when Carrie was shopping at the local Abu Dhabi marketplace in THIS???

Ta-da! For some reason, this has image has been stuck in my head ever since I saw it, and I’ve been on the prowl for a full long skirt. Kinda like an old prom skirt that some hoochie gave away.

And THEN.  THERE IT IS.  I see it.

An old prom skirt!!

It even has a nice little gathered detail in the back.  So cute and guess what?  Fits me perfectly.  Yeesssss.  HAS TO HAS.  $6

On my way back to the dress section.  The ladies have moved on.  GREAT.  I quickly go through the last little section of dresses and BOOM.  Whadya know.  There she is. Seriously, if I would have gone the opposite way through the rack, it would have been the fourth dress I saw.

The wedding is in Ojai, on a ranch.  An outside wedding in the beautiful wilderness, where women will be wearing floaty, floral dresses, and the men channeling Willie Nelson-meets-hipster.  Amazing, right?  So this is it.  I found her.

Beading detail and all…she’s randomly a Betsy Johnson design, where the chiffon ruffle is not only higher in the front than it is in the back (helllooo, sooo NOW), but IT FITS PERFECTLY!!  No alterations needed!  Fan-effing-tastic.  Best part: $7.  Gah, I’m good.

I shouldn’t have done it, but made a quick run through the blouse section and found these two goodies:

Super soft silk grandma blouse with crochet detail around the neck and sleeves and an asymmetrical hem.  Love! $5

Floral henley.  100% horrible polyester, BUT:

It’s completely sheer!!  YESSS!  $6

I’ve been an avid thrift shopper since high school, and while some people call it good luck, I call it a talent.  It takes patience and a good eye my friends!!  I can’t wait to wear these new lovely additions!

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8 Responses to What can I say, it’s a gift.

  1. summer says:

    i hate you. in the best way possible.

  2. Kristina Rachel Bing Smith says:

    IM GONNA KILL YOU. I remember the good ol days in newport when you would go back to your parents hood and find salvatore ferragamo’s for .99 cents.. and you’d look around to make sure you weren’t on punk’d.

    • donutsoup says:

      HAHAHAHA…I loved those days in 95. I think I came to the store in a different outfit for 2 years. That’s amazing. I still look around thinking I’m being video taped for “Candid Camera.”

  3. Grandma says:

    Oh! my girl you have the gift. You always keep me laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep up the good work. I think I’ll try the thrift store.

  4. kelsey says:

    i’m so not into the whole thrift store thing, which you know 🙂 but i am impressed by your findings. the sheer part of the polyester shirt MADE that shirt! you are a Talented Thrifter ❤

  5. Ritournelle says:

    Have you thought about taking pictures of yourself wearing the clothes or putting them on a mannequin instead of using your rug? We would see how they fit and it would probably enhance them 😉 Apart from the blouse that is, that sheer is nice!

    I admire your talent for thrifting! I sometimes volunteer at a charity shop and I seldom find anything interesting, but I guess it depends on the area where you live and on what people are willing to give away?

    • donutsoup says:

      Omygoodness. Yes, I have constantly thought of taking pics of myself in the outfits, but the thought of putting myself on DS so blatantly open like that makes me nervous!! I guess it makes sense for the readers, which is the whole point, right? Hahaha…you’re right, this I know. I just have to warm up to the idea of showing myself on the blog. Thanks girl!

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