“I can make that.”

On Sunday my mom, sister and I attended the Santa Monica Vintage Expo.  I cannot even explain about how amazing it was.  Granted, I might have felt this way about the Rose Bowl Flea Market the first time I went there, but this was so very different and special.  I went to find a wedding dress!!

I hate the fact that I didn’t take any pictures.  Part of it is because I’m pretty sure you can’t take photos, but then a friend said “all you have to do is ask, and some of them let you.”  DANGIT.  Well, how dumb of me.  Because I got nothin’ to share.

Turned out that every single garment I picked up happened to be from the 1930s. Well hellloooo bias cut.  Long, skinny, narrow…beautiful detail…I can’t get over it.  MINE.

Nude Etsy dress

Eliza Magazine–how INSANE is that photo?

Victorian Elegance

Apparently, I love this style.  Who knew?!  And without giving away too much info on what my wedding dress will look like (in fear the Fiance will be reading this), I FOUND A DRESS!  Well, sorta.

What I found was an overly expensive vintage VERSACE slip dress.  It was beautiful. However, when you shop with my mom and sister–who are both talented seamstresses–they both tend to say “I can make that” quite often.  So in this case…we took notes, saw what we needed to and took off (after seeing Lauren Conrad of course), straight to the fabric store in Downtown L.A.  We found some amazing fabric and since my sister is a design major (duh), she’s going to sketch and make the pattern for my mom who will be making the dress for me.  YYIIPPEE!!

This reminded me of the good ‘ol days in high school when I would go shopping and try really hard to find a dress for the next dance.  I would find two or three dresses that I liked, but I ALWAYS wanted to change something about each of them in order to make it a dress I loved. And then that always meant…a trip to the fabric store.  Thanks Momma!! She actually called it from the moment I got engaged.  “We’ll probably end up making it,” she said.  YOU’RE RIGHT!  You know me sooo well!

*Please don’t hate me ladies!! (I am in the middle). Here is my senior prom pic in the dress I “designed.”  I just wanted a simple dress with a fancy back!  Definitely could not find this anywhere.  OMG.  This pic is sooo ten years ago.  Haha.

Duh.  Me and my sexy back date.

Well, here’s to yet another home-made original dress!  Can’t wait to share pictures of what it looks like in March.  YES.  You have to wait until after the wedding.  We don’t want anyone getting ahead of themselves…. so excited!

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6 Responses to “I can make that.”

  1. Christina K says:

    ahaha love the prom pics! and can’t wait to see the dress! would a sneak peak at the sketch be considered taboo?

  2. Ahhh that old picture! Homemade prom dresses were the best!! I practically killed my poor Grandma with all of my sewing demands. She will no longer make dresses for me after all of the high school dances!

  3. Grandma says:

    This is all too exciting! Can’t wait till March.

  4. kelsey says:

    love love love that your sis is sketching it and mama is making it. UM could your story be any more perfect for a Green Wedding Shoes special?

  5. Emily says:

    Yes!! Love it!

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