OH!  Another thing.  How cute are these girls we saw eating at Good Stuff Burgers in Santa Monica?  I was being a total creeper and couldn’t stop starring at them.  I figured I’d take a picture so it wouldn’t be awkward.  Now that I have DS, I have an excuse to take photos of people…”pardon, but I have a blog…” HAHAHAHA.  It’s so good.

I just love how all three of them (perhaps the lady in the plaid trench with runners on is the mother of one of them?) are friends, but OBVS have different styles.  SORRY, but the girl wearing the striped socks and the striped long sleeve?  So cute.  And the vintage girl with her adorable headpiece for no reason?  Fantastic.  And hello there trendster with the purple hair…loving it!

BE DARING!!  I’m so happy for these beautiful girls…do it sisters!!

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One Response to Trendsters

  1. Ritournelle says:

    Imagine being a streetstyle blogger and constantly asking random people to pose for you? I love your “pardon me, but I have a blog” introduction, haha! Gotta try this one 😉

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