When I see the date of my last post, and realize it was 8 DAYS AGO, I cringe. So sorry everyone!!  I have been out of the loop and most definitely busy with plenty of events…one large one to be exact.  Mine and Fiances most dearest friends were married over the weekend, and it was quite the experience.  We arrived in the Ojai, California woods (with no cell phone service, how delightful! I loved it…) on Thursday and stayed on an insane ranch until Sunday.  I have so many pictures to share!  It was incredible!

But not now.  I don’t have enough time!  Stay tuned for more on that…

As for now, I wanted to share something quick.  Today I was surprised with the most delicious surprise anyone could ever imagine.  CAKE POPS!!!!!

I don’t even know where it came from!!  All I know is that my beloved co-worker handed it to me, and my eyes got larger than Bambi’s as I: 1. Took a scrumptious bite without even asking if it was for me, and 2. Got my camera out.  I just HAD to document such a treat!!!

Holy good looking.  I mean, could that cake pop get any more chocolately and dense? I’ll answer that for you.  NOPE.  Excuse my poor polished nails, as they are quite narsty in this pic, but dear sweet goodness…what a great ending to a long day at work!!

This I like to call “Gone In 60 Seconds.”




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2 Responses to Treat!

  1. Christina K says:

    yummy! where’d she get them from? (not that I can actually obtain it as I am on the other coast) I wonder what other flavors there are…..

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