Ohhhh frick.

On Sunday, Halloween morning, Fiance and I were walking to his favorite coffee shop (I don’t drink coffee.  I don’t like the way caffeine makes me feel…I know, AND I have to be at work at 6am!), and then—-I stood frozen.

And immediately rushed to get my camera out.  I’m sucha creeper.

Ahhhhhh!!!!  Someone!!  In the bush!!

I got a little closer before they turned around to catch me.  Turns out it’s a little old lady whom Fiance says he has seen before.  Our convo:

Me: You’ve seen her before?!!

Him: Yeah.

Me: Does she LIVE in there?!!

Him: No.

Me: Oh.

Him: I think it’s storage.

Me: Oh.  Boo.

Awww.  And here I am being a stalker taking pictures.  HAHAHAHAHA.  She had white hair, wrinkled skin and piercing blue eyes.  I smiled at her as she turned around.  I wonder what her story is???



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3 Responses to Bush UPDATE!!

  1. Emily says:

    this is hilarious to me!! ha aha I can just hear the conversation.

  2. Jackie Cummings says:

    I don’t know what her story is, but I have a funny feeling you’re gonna find out and tell us all about it!

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