How beautifully on point.  My amazing Mom sent me my horoscope this morning for today’s date of November 5th.  It read:

“You have good reason to feel hopeful about making something happen that you have been working toward for a long time. You sense that you are getting closer to a goal – very close in fact – and you are right. This is a time for celebration. Even if things don’t go exactly as you had hoped, there is still an overwhelming amount of good in what is now unfolding. Don’t despair over any little points that don’t work out precisely as you hoped; what is happening now is the manifestation of exactly what you need, so don’t question it.”

Isn’t that just amazing?  Life has been throwing me tiny lemons lately, and even though I’m not a huge advocate of “horror-scopes,” sometimes it’s hard to ignore how precise they can be.  I love when my Mom texts me with these because she only does so when they are in direct line up with my life’s experiences.  I don’t know who’s writing these things, but today it put a smile on my face…a little glimmer of hope!  Yes!  It is there!

I am well aware that I am not in control, and that at times like these I just need to let go.

It’s me, I’m a Pisces!  My birthday is March 16th, the day before St. Patrick’s Day (that’s what I tell people so they remember easier…haha).

The Pisces is described as “imaginative, sensitive, compassionate and kind.  Selfless, unworldly, intuitive and sympathetic.”  On the dark side they say I am an “escapist, idealistic, secretive and vague.  Weak-willed and easily lead.”

HAHAHAHA!  Weak-willed?!!  Easily lead?!!! You know what I say to that?!! BOLOGNA!! Idealistic?  Sure.  I like be creative and believe in fairy tales, who doesn’t?  But would I let Fiance Prince Charming lead me into jumping off a bridge because he said it was cool???  HELL NO!  I believe one of my strongest qualities is my ability to say “no.”  HAHAHAHAHA.  Guaranteed my Mom would back me up on this one.  Apparently I was saying no to her when I was two years old and she was trying to dress me in some hideous outfit.  TRUE STORY.

I think it’s about that time I sit and watch Yes Man again.  That movie inspires me.  And it’s filmed in my neighborhood.

Ahhhh….well, thanks horoscope!  Here’s to things looking up! Cheers, have a great friday everyone, Lord knows I’ve been waiting for this day alllll week!






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