*NSYNC it to me!


A good friend just told me that my most favorite band in the entire universe is getting back together for a reunion tour.  NO, I am not being facetious, I AM DEAD SERIOUS. *NSYNC IS GETTING BACK TOGETHER for one last hurrah!!!!!!!  Ugh, I can’t believe it.  I can FINALLY get my chance with JC Chasez!  This is GREAT news!

I was such a huge fan, that I saw EVERY tour concert maybe twice and even followed them down to San Diego with another fanatic friend to watch MTV film them for some NSYNC special.  I remember swearing that all I had to do was MAKE EYE CONTACT with JC, and it would be over.  He would pick me out of the crowd and I would instantly be his “Girlfriend,” and then–blaadow–be a “Celebrity!”  I wonder how many *NSYNC song titles I can get into one post.  “Here we go” (I just hit 3 in a row).

Let’s take a little tour of our own, back to when white guys wearing faux dreads, puffy neon vests and sleeveless spandex shirts were all the rage…remember when they would hit those sessy body rolls “Up Against The Wall” (4) on stage??  DAMN.  They be “Bringin’ Da Noise” (5) hard!!


NSYNC.  Hot damn this is amazing.  Lance Bass looks like Ellen, JC is giving us the Posh Spice and Chris Kirkpatrick is showin’ off his goodies.  I guess we can give them a break, they were all like what…seventeen? Everyone looks beat when they first get into showbiz…right?


DDUUHHH.  Gots to have a Christmas album!!  “For the girl who has everything” (6), this is the perfect gift!  I’m sorry, but I just can’t ignore Chris’ hair.  Is that actually hair? Who’s idea was this?!!  Everyone else is sporting the high and tight…this is honestly just “Tearin’ Up My Heart.” (7) I can’t handle it.  “It Makes Me Ill.” (8)


Phew!!  They made it through the late 90s!  Those times were ROUGH for fashion…I mean, those baggy-faux-leather-cargo-pants-with-eyelets-and-zippers really made the girls swoon…but hey, I guess you always gotta “Do Your Thing.” (9)  Will the stylist for these men PLEASE come forward?  Whoever you are, you’re my idol, you “Drive Me Crazy” (10) with those fly get-ups you came up with.  Haha!

In High School, when I “Just Got Paid,” (11) me and my best friend ditched class to be first in line to buy this CD the day it came out at Blockbuster.  I’m pretty sure our Mom’s are learning this tidbit of info right now.  Surprise!

(Is anyone else DYING at my song choices?!!!  BBAAAHAHAHAHAAH!! )


Ok.  Now we’re gettin’ surious.  Look at Lance.  Shhh-ing the paparazzo!  By this time, NSYNC was so big, they hit the next level of ULTIMATE stalkers…I may or may not have been one of them…doesn’t it seem like they had more albums than just four?

All I know is, “I Want You Back” (12) NSYNC, and if the rumors are true, and you really ARE getting back together, even if it’s just for an after school special, I WILL BE THERE. “This I Promise You.” (13)

Well!  I have one last song to quote…and I’m sure most of you have a feeling which song I’m going to sign off with…

“Bye Bye Bye” (That was 14 songs total.  I could have done more.  But I’m sure it was pretty annoying at 5 songs.  HAHAHA)!  Goodnight!


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11 Responses to *NSYNC it to me!

  1. E says:

    oookay, little much on the N’sync post!!! CRAZY FAN ALERT

  2. Ambeezie says:

    I will throw up everywhere and all over them if they get back together for a tour. It would be SO amazing! FRICK! This post is hilario with all the song titles.

  3. Grandma says:

    Even Grandma loves NSYNC!!!!

  4. Ritournelle says:

    So funny to see Justin Timberlake back then. He has distanced himself a lot from the boy band image, no?

  5. christina k says:

    GO BSB! haha jk. I always had a soft spot for JC and Timberlake. I hope they will be ‘Bringing da noise’ in 2011. Or else they will be ‘Tearin’ up my heart’. ;D

  6. Oh my, the memories that brought back!! Not gonna lie, the other day I played a few of their songs and it reminded me of dancing in the street at Jessica’s house. Awww so young and foolish. 🙂

  7. Nina says:

    Cathleen!! I deleted facebook but i remembered your blog name~ I knew it was something ridiculous haha so I found you again. This Nsync post is hilarious…….. one time yahoo did this thing with “justin timberlake’s most embarrassing photos” … the curly bleached hair… so bad.

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