Quartzsite, AZ

This past weekend I had the pleasure of joining Fiance’s family on a road trip to Tempe, Arizona.  Our friends from New York are actors and in the musical “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” so we went out to see them perform.  It was amazing to watch our lovely Seth Bazacas (young Max the dog) and wife Jenevene Bazacas (a singing and dancing Who) doing what they love.  Whatta joy!

Although I would love to give a play-by-play (get it? play-by-play…musical…haha) of how brilliant I thought “The Grinch” was, but this post is about a secret, scary little place in the middle of creepersville.

On the way home, we happened to stop in a town called Quartzsite for gas. Little did we know, that Arizona has these little places off the beaten path (actually, they’re on MAIN street…but it’s not really) right on route 95, off the 10 freeway, that act as little, crazy flea markets.  Aka: junk/amazing/eery/fantastic places.  We only went to one, but man!  I am so glad we did.

I couldn’t stop snapping photos as I was browsing…does anyone else get a buzz when they see so many odd trinkets in one place???

I ended up finding a crystal necklace that wasn’t in this case…I got lucky because it was only $5, and the rest of these I think he was trying to price way higher.

OH!!!  WHADYA KNOW?!!!  Ironic, right?  “Excuse me, Sir? I see you have two Joey Fatones over there…”  HAHAHA.

I just love the placement of this teddy bear.  It’s so random, it’s almost paradoxical.

Black kitty!!  So cute!!  She just sat there and posed for me.

I would have loved to take this whole basket with me.  But unfortunately, I wasn’t thinking straight.  Hmpf.  In addition to the crystal necklace, we also bought some vases for the wedding.  They were $3 a piece, and teal glass isn’t easy to find.

The randomness of this place leads me to think there are gadzillions of others just like it. Traveling around, finding gems like this place…I just love it.  It’s all about the hunt, garbage or not, sometimes it’s just good for the story!!  And I like stories……..especially ones that are cheap.  HAHA.

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4 Responses to Quartzsite, AZ

  1. Reese says:

    ummm nice eye woman! soo impressed with your photos

  2. Slamdunk says:

    Looks like a great stop. Our kids are rock geeks and would be all over that quartz.

  3. Grandma says:

    You are quite the explorer!!! Next time we go to AZ I think we’ll stop. I have always seen this from the car, but have never stopped to take a look.


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