Accept it.

Ohhhh goodness.  My dearest friends.  I have realized that I have put you on the back burner for quite some time now, and I hope you can accept my apology for consciously deciding to ehhh–take a breaksies.  There is a plethora of items on my plate right now, and to be honest, I am nearly over-served, if you will.

Along with my tiny panic attacks that YES–in 3 months, I will be getting married, as it always turns out during holiday season, I am jammity-slam packed with work bologna.  I would love to know what it’s like to have a job where you had two to three luscious weeks off in December, just ‘cuz, ya know, there’s NOTHING TO DO.  HUUHH??!!!  I have friends like this, and I’m just gonna say it…I hate them.  Nothing makes me more viciously jealous than when they all get to relax, be with family, go Christmas shopping, travel…blah blah blah….WHY NOT ME?!!  Apparently, I chose the wrong road.  LAME. Can’t you tell I’m in the Christmas spirit?  BBAAHAHA.  Well, Bah-humbug.

Since this is my first Christmas sharing families with Fiance, I have been getting all these Christmas wish lists to my email.  As annoying as one might think, they are quite a treat, and extremely helpful!  Fiance loves to ignore and never partake in these fun emails, so it is my official job to investigate his wants and desires for this Christmas holiday, AKA: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.  Besides my mom, Fiance is the hardest person to shop for…he a don’t lika anathing.  Of course, he would say this isn’t true, and I guess it isn’t unless it’s from the Mac store.

SOOOO…speaking of wish lists, I wanted to share some things I thought would make any girl happy for Christmas.

1. My besty is a VERY smart girl and for the past few years has been transforming her closet by switching to THESE!

The Karen Rhodes Anti-Slip Velvet Hangers.  UMMM…amaaazing.  I should have started when she did, because now she is stocked.  Dangit.

2. Hand-made recipe book

I love to cook.  I have a subscription to Bon Appetit Magazine, and since I have no where to put my favorite recipes, I just end up collecting the entire issue.  They are now obnoxiously stacking up on top of my fridge….yiiii.  The one I have shown above is from Etsy; this one is sold out, but the seller is here. OR–better yet–make your own!

3. Magazine subscriptions…I mean HEELLOOOO…I received US Weekly from my sister last year, and I can tell you from experience, that this is truly is THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING.  I mean, I am always on top of my celeb game, thanks.

I mean!!  CMON!!!  JAKE AND TAYLOR SWIFT?!!!!  It’s soooooo embarassing awesome!

4. Food.  Who doesn’t like to indulge??  Last year, Fiance got my parents the Harry and David seasonal fruit gift.  My parents received cherries, pears, peaches and apples?  I think?  They couldn’t get enough.  And when it comes to sweet treats (always a favorite of mine–duh) chocolate is numero uno.  I freaked out when I found out that John Kelly amazing DARK CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE FUDGE BITES WITH FRENCH GREY SEA SALT had a store in Hollywood.  GUESS WHAT.  MINE.

They are $9 for a box of two or $15 for a box of four.  Yum yum, gimme some.

5.  I just wanted to share what I bought myself today.  I couldn’t resist!!  Here is my baby Christmas tree that I have had for three years now.  But until now, it has never had ornaments!

Check out the baby DONUT ORNAMENTS!!   They are from Urban Outfitters and I love them.  Especially the pink one!!

It looks just like my logo!  How special.  🙂  My first year of Donut Soup…this ornament will always remind me…ahhhh.

I will try to be more on point with my updates…but I can’t promise anything!  This month is filled with events!!  Until then…enjoy the holidays, enjoy your families, we are all blessed no matter what!





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One Response to Accept it.

  1. Ambeezie says:

    velvet hangers… suh skinnah they make more room in your closet and don’t give you pointy shoulders and they grip BEST. INVENTION. EVER. why didn’t we think of it first!? FRICK! love this post franny! fun fun! plus…. itneverfailsyourwritingalwaysmakemelaugh

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