Resolutions Anyone?

I understand to utmost degree that I have fully made the conscious decision to abandon my poor Donut Soup for the holidays.  And really, I even took photos of things to make absolutely sure that I would post, but–I didn’t.  Well, it is what it is, and to make up for it, I will now share with you all the posts that I wanted to post (in the quickest way possible)–and then some.

I love lists, so let me continue with my favorite system of numeric order:

1. Months ago, I ordered a Stylit from my friend Beth Jones at BJonesStyle.  I have been wanting to share what I have done with it, and how I am using it, but to be honest–whenever I want to post about it, I look hideous, and can’t bring myself to get it together enough to photo.  hahahahah.  I SWEAR, I’ll figure it out soon.

2. Another friend of mine posted on his Facebook one day that he couldn’t stop watching clips of “Kids Incorporated,” on YouTube.  Immediately, I was in shock because I hadn’t heard those words in a sentence together since I was nine.  Growing up, we didn’t have cable, so ANYTIME we went to Grandma and Papa’s house–guess where the kids were–that’s right, glued to the Disney Channel upstairs.  I was DEPRIVED of Disney!!!  So I went to YouTube, and did exactly what you think.  Sat there for about 35 minutes, and watched tons of old, horrible quality videos with a huge smile on my face.  Ahhh, childhood.  It’s so good.

This is the 1985/86 Theme Song, and you’ll notice a special someone in the cast.  You got it–Stacy Ferguson.  FERGIE.  She is so cute, she’s unrecognizable.  Ha.  It’s the truth. How did I NOT know she was on this show????!!!  I am brilliant on pop-culture trivia! Oh, I know.  BECAUSE I WAS DEPRIVED AS A CHILD.

After that, I couldn’t stop watching just plain old videos of her…she is so little!!  It’s mesmerizing!

I mean, what’s better than singing Lionel Richie’s “Say You, Say Me,” to a clown in the corner when you’re seven years old?  Let me tell ya, not much.

3. Everyone blogs now.  So many people blog, I worry that if you don’t have one, who’s to say you actually exist??  Huh? Exactly.  Well, my mom sent me this link, and it sounds awesome, except you probably can’t have a real job.  Haha.  Blog Your Way Around The World is a contest in which you submit an essay, have people vote on it, travel the world, and blog about it.  FUN FUN!  This could be a great opportunity for someone who writes or wants to write for a living….get after it people!

4. Remember those beloved cake pops I died over months ago?  Well, I finally decided that for Christmas Eve, I would make some.  I read the instructions in the book, “Cake Pops,” by Bakerella, and then googled some photos on what it actually looked like during the process.  I couldn’t find any good photos, so I decided to take action in my own hands and do it right.  With the help of my little sister Colleen, they were VERY simple to make, but now that I know WHY they taste so good, I can guess I won’t be making these again. Crowd pleaser?  Yes.  Light and healthy?  HELL NO.

Photos to prove it:

Buy any kind of cake mix and frosting that you want to use.

Bake the cake and crumble it up.

Yup, crumble it down to tiny pieces.

I read somewhere that using two forks does the trick, as it did nicely.

All the cake crumbled as fine as we could make it.  This next step is what threw me off completely.

You take THIS and mix it in the crumbled cake.  THAT’S WHY it tastes so good.  Pretty gross, huh?  I mean, it’s not that bad, but still!!  I thought it was just SUPER, MOIST CAKE, not frosting with tiny cake bits!!

Once you make a PASTE with the frosting, you roll it into little balls and place on wax paper.

Me and Colleen putting the sticks into the rolled cake balls.

Here they are before they were covered in its chocolately shell.

I used this chocolate dipping sauce, but I guess in order to make the cake pops appear smooth, you use a candy covering (which is probably a lot thinner), and you warm it over the stove.  I just popped this bad-boy into the microwave and used a spoon.  Haha.

Ta-da!!!  And there you have it.  Delicious, but dangerously dense.

5. I got a sweet dress from Tara Olson (sister-in-law-to-be) for Christmas that is a GREAT thrift store find.  It fits me like a glove, and I promise to try it on and photo.  It’s REAL GOOD.

Alright, well that’s all I got for nowsies.  I hope this makes up for at least a LITTLE lack of posting…


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