“I. Am. Yob.”

How many of you remember “Mrs. Doubtfire?”  At my old store, me and my amazing co-workers would watch that movie on our lunch breaks and die laughing at each other as we quoted Robin Williams throughout the day.  So juvenile, but so hilarious.

That entry paragraph really has nothing to do with what I have been wanting to tell everyone, but the title of this post is so perfect, I just had to mention where it came from. Haha.

I HAVE A NEW JOB!  This is also partly why I hadn’t posted in such a while…I swear I was living a double life!  With the mix of the holidays, new family traditions (with the blending of two families), and going on interviews WHILE still working…it was a wild ride and I am glad it’s over.  I am in my final week of work and moving to a different company with a new position and it feels great.  I can’t wait to begin a new journey (as if I don’t have enough new journey’s coming).  I am leaving one retailer for another, but a much higher position that I really am excited for.  YYIIPPEE!!!

2011 is going to have so much for me this year, I am definitely up for the challenge.  Bring it on (as Kirsten Dunst would say)!


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2 Responses to “I. Am. Yob.”

  1. Ritournelle says:

    Once again, congratulations!!! 2011 is on to a very good start for you 😉

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