I guess you could say I’m doing this because after working an overnight shift last night into this morning, I feel completely uninspired and exhausted.  For those of you who have worked an overnight, or many at that, know exactly what I mean.  Why is it that working the same amount of hours, during a different time of day can make you feel so….hideous?  Yes, I love the word hideous.  I use it often.  It’s so perfect for days like this!  You’ll see what I mean….

So as I lift my cemented body out of bed and into the daylight of my living room, I turn my computer on and force myself to find SOMETHING inspiring to write about today.  I figure, hey, you know what?  I have “the day off,” I’m going to take advantage of this and give Donut Soup a little love.  Boy do I have something in store for you all.

After about 2 hours of perusing every website I haven’t had time to catch up on, I still feel hopeless.  Yeah, yeah…all these ladies and gents blog about FASHION, and discuss what they’re wearing, and where they’re going.  They’re cute, sometimes even very attractive, and guess what.  I’M BORED.  Is anyone out there doing anything different?  No.  It’s extremely frustrating.  And not to head off on any kind of rant, but yes, sometimes taking the “fashion” route seems easy and fun.  Don’t get me wrong, I just ADORE sharing my fancy Souper Sweets when I hit up a good thrift store and come home with too many treats to just hide to myself…but, it’s all the same.  Isn’t it?

Well today my friends, I’ve decided that since yesterday I began my sugar cleanse (yes, no sweets for 5 weeks–I can do it!!), I must be on some kind of psycho adrenaline, because I’m going to share with you WHAT I LOOK LIKE TODAY.  And it’s not pretty.  I won’t be washing my face, nor putting on any make-up until I have to go to work, and that’s at 9pm tonight.  SOOOO.  Maybe I’ll take another fantastic photo later to show you that I’m off my crazy pills and feeling a little lighter.  Hmm?

Great.  Here I am, in all my splendor.

I think there might even be fuzz in my hair.

Well folks, there you have it.  This t-shirt is literally from my friend Kelsey (Souper #7??) who gave it to me when we were in high school, because when she wore it in JUNIOR HIGH, I loved it, and always wanted it.  Thanks Kelsey.  Now you see how I really do it justice.  And aren’t those baggy mom-jeans just the ticket?

Husband is going to be so proud of me after this post.  In fact, I’m sure there will be flowers waiting for me on our dining table when I return home tomorrow morning at 6am.  I know what everyone’s thinking.  He’s one LUCKY guy.  Can you imagine how hard it must be to try and deflect my luminous charm everyday??  GAH.  Rough life buddy.

Well, if I’m feeling up to it, there might be a rebuttal tomorrow.  HA.  Eat your heart out fashion bloggers.  There’s a new heartthrob in town.

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3 Responses to Beat.

  1. Amber says:

    lawdhammercy. you have lost yo damn mind! AND that is why i love you, because you don’t care! sick. nast. Are those TYLER’s jeans!? oh no because his are probably all smaller than that. ill.
    ps. i love how you are TRYING to be hidi in the last picture but you still look PRIDDY! nice try sisterfriend. nice try.

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