Happy Days

It may only be June (almost July, can you believe it?!!), but I have officially decided what I’m going to be for Halloween.  I might have said this out loud before, but Halloween is my most FAVORITE day besides my birthday, because I just loooooove to dress up. If there’s a costume or theme party anywhere, I’ll go all out.  Unless it’s a STUPID 80’s party, and then you can count. me. out.

Those parties are the least creative and so highly over-done, I can’t even go further.

What brought me to this Halloween idea, was FATHERS DAY.

My parents are quite possibly the cutest people you’ve ever met in your life.  They met in high school, fell in love, and remain that way, now married for over 30 years.  It’s incredible and I can’t wait to be just like them.  ANYWHO, for Father’s Day, my Dad found a Johnny Cash Blues Festival in Ventura, California that he decided he really wanted the family to go to since he loves to attend blues festivals with my mom and their close friends.  And let me say…it shocked me.

Because it was kinda cool.

Husband and I traveled back in time to the 1940s, and it was surprisingly awesome.

Call me naive–but I had no idea that Johnny Cash would bring greasers and pin-up girls to modern day 2011.  What a scene!!  It was lovely, and even though soooo not my steez, I couldn’t help but want to stare at every lady that was decked out in platform hooker pumps, tight skirts and polka-dot halter tops.  How cute!!!

They had a pin-up contest that was the cutest thing…

Nevermind the tranny in the leopard dress….the girl on the far left won first place.  She had the word “Pin” tattooed on the back of her left leg, and the word “Up” on her right.  That’s called DEDICATION my friends…and yes–that’s Lucille Ball tatted on her thigh.  But isn’t she just adorable?!!

Whatta beauty queen.  2nd place went to the other super cute girl in blue.  She looks like my sister.  So purdy.

If you’re into cars, they had those too.  I could care less about cars…Husband always gets mad at me when I’m trying to describe something and it goes like this:

Him: What kind of car was it?

Me: I dunno.

Him: What do you MEAN you dunno.

Me: I dunno!  A car!!

Him: Oookkkk….like what KIND?  A mercedes, a volkswagon….

Me: Who cares?!!  It had wheels!

Him: Ugghhhh.

There’s no other word besides “cute” that describes this.  RIGHT?  I mean, I could use charming.  Or darling.  Because this picture is ALL THREE. 

This was later in the day when the crowd started to get intense.  We arrived early around noon, and this was at about 5pm.  Ignore the cigarette in the ear of that guy with the hat on….sorry–but EHUL.  That’s my new way of saying “ew.”  Sound it out, it’s how I actually say it.

Now that I’m so inspired by this LOOK for Halloween, it can’t come fast enough.  What’s weird is that this whole pin-up-girl-thing is sooooo my little sister (and has been for years), but I never really UNDERSTOOD it, until I was emersed into this crazy time warp of a day, and it all seems to make sense!  I’m more of a 1920s/30s type of gal myself, so this whole 40’s thing really kicked me in the BOOTIE!!

Loving it….

More inspiration pics of guys and gals:

Betty Grable


Air Force girl

Husband seemed to like the sailor girls the best….they are quite endearing…no?  Haha.

As for the boys….those GREASERS really are pretty STUDLY….

The Outsiders!!  Boy, are Tom Cruise’s teeth EFFED.  Gross.  Good thing he got braces at 47.  Haahahahahaha.   All those boys are stars now…except for that one guy…who IS that???

A quick 45 second video that I just had to share.  THIS GUY was rockin’ out, SO HARD at the festival, I just couldn’t help myself.  Don’t mind the shaking because I was trying to hold back tears…

Well.  I know what I’m gonna be on October 31st.  Hopefully dressed up as a sweet little sailor girl with Husband in cuffed denim and a pompadour going door to door asking for money.  I meannn…wine.  I meaannnnn….candy.  Jeez.

What will YOU be 4 months from now???

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3 Responses to Happy Days

  1. E says:

    ooohh yeahh! wish i could’ve been there 😦 but i can’t wait till halloween either! i need something really really good…

  2. uncle joseph says:

    next year join us for the ink n iron at queen mary..hootananny’s fun too but so hot 4th july weekend at oak canyon ranch..uncle joe

  3. Ritournelle says:

    Love the pin-up pictures and images! I’d feel like a living cartoon if I styled myself like these girls! And I mean that in a positive way.

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