I’m feeling like sharing a secret.

I have very short eyelashes (this is not the secret).  If I were forced to live on an island and I couldn’t take anything with me but ONE object, it would be my eyelash curler. HONESTLY, I think about this a lot.  My eyelashes are so short, fine and worst of all, STRAIGHT DOWN, that I truly feel like I can’t see well.  When they are curled, my eyes are open to the world and I instantly feel more awake.  It’s rather annoying.

Before the wedding, I was in rapid seconds, convinced that I needed eyelash EXTENSIONS when I saw how beautiful my friend looked with hers.  I knew immediately that they would be mine.  Oh yes, they would be mine.

I’ve recently gone back again, and I’m obsessed.

The absolute BEST BEST BEST part about having eyelash extensions, is that I don’t have to wear any make-up.  Hi.  Nice to meet you.  Did you hear me?  I DON’T HAVE TO WEAR ANY MAKE-UP. Do you have ANY idea how much TIME this saves me in the morning?!!  It’s the most incredible feeling…I’m frreeee!!

Oh hi, yeah, I did just wake-up.  Huh?  What’s that?  Oh, I look amaaazing???  I KNOW.

I forgot to take a “before” shot of me, so while I was in the waiting area I whipped my poor phone out and tried to take some quick ones.  Hopefully this gives you an idea how sad my eyelashes are.

And here is my “after.”


My skin looks a little greasy.  HAHAHAH.

Can you believe it?!  Just look at those spider legs!!  A co-worker calls me Bambi, and I think it fits.  I’m just so doe-eyed, what can I say!!

I go to the most amazing lady, whose name is Gloria, and she works out of her own place called Beauty Utopia in Eagle Rock.  To get these beauties, you lie down and literally GO TO SLEEP for and hour and a half.  Wakey wakey, and you’re transformed!!!  I can never get over how natural they look…it’s my very own dream come true.

Key things to know:

1. You can’t get them wet for 24 hours

2. You probably shouldn’t get them wet for 48 hours

3. They are attached to every individual lash, and a smidgen away from the eyelid–so they don’t actually touch the eyelid, which makes them even more great.

4. You CAN put make-up on them, you just have to use OIL-FREE remover.

5. They lasted me about 5 weeks, but everyone is different.  Depends on skin type, natural lash amount and how careful you are with them.

6. First time is $80 and after that is $100.  CHEAP.  They are usually about $200-$220-ish.

7. Gloria really does ask you to fall asleep so your eyes don’t move.  Schedule your appointment when you know you’re gonna need a nap that day.  Hahaha.

I suggest if you haven’t tried these bad boys, that you JUMP on it, because it will forever change your life, especially if you have lame-lash-disease like I do.  If you’re like my sister and this is what you look like already…theeennnnnnn…SKEDADDLE.  No one likes a show-off.

Call Gloria!

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One Response to Bambi

  1. E says:

    hahahaha yessss! im gonna get em!!!! 😉

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