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Just wanted to prove how cool I was. Here are the André pieces behind my house. I call these two dancing folk, friends. And they’re OBVIOUSLY chasing after this little lady…soooo…maybe they aren’t friends? That’s all. Advertisements

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Arty pants.

Every Thursday the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) near Downtown Los Angeles is free from 5pm-8pm.  So last Thursday, guess what we did.  YUP. A group of us decided it was time for a little culture and check out the … Continue reading

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Get it, get it gurl

Just 19 days away…  

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Are you in this family???

I guess now is as good as a time as any.  I AM LATINA.  Uh huh, I said it. My dad is and forever will be an entrepreneur.  His new t-shirt business is called I Love Being Latino, and today my … Continue reading

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Numero UNO!

So Fiance and I officially have THEE most important thing checked off our wedding to-do list.  WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS.  Ohhhh myyyy gosh is this the biggest thing for me. Every single bride I have spoken to says the same thing, spend … Continue reading

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Dress it up.

Speaking of headpieces…fell across these little dittys from a friend: GGOOORRRGEOUS ROIGHT?!!!  Ugh.  Why not me. All of these images and headpieces are from a heavenly little site called Little Doe Is Love.  Check out their collection, it’s hippy-tastic.

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What a colorful life.

Good ‘ol Sean Krell emailed me this morning.  Funny thing is, I got the email at 9:18am when he was supposed to be paying attention at work.  Hhmm…. I don’t know why Sean would be so interested in The Denver … Continue reading

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