Souper #8!!!

Ah ha! I bet you all forgot I did these, huh??  Yeah, yeah, I know.  It’s been months since my last one with Chuy Michel, but I have been dying to interview one of my best friends for awhile now…and it looks as though she is comin’ ’round the mountain this Friday. WEEEEE!!  Can’t wait!

Everyone say hello to Megan Morrow, my beloved ex-teammate/roommate from college!

I think she just discovered about two years ago that she is a very creative person…you’ll find her at an Antelope Valley Hospital as a full-time nurse, and the other days are left to creating diaper cakes!!  I’ll leave the mind to dissect that for awhile…DIAPER. CAKES. Oooo girl!  They are all the rage at baby showers…

Can’t wait to see what kind of crazy answers she has to my questions.  Bring it on!!!


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