The desert is my friend.

Not only are we getting married in Palm Springs, but every year, I spend Thanksgiving with Fiances family at their desert house.  I am so blessed to have two amazing families (not to mention the extended families), and around this time of year, I make sure to be especially grateful for everything I have.

This year, while the men played golf, my girl-in-laws (sisters and mom) went on a thrifting hunt.  Oh yeah, I’m not the only one who likes to shop–thank goodness!  They also enjoy the thrill of searching through what could be heaps of junk for the sake of finding a few treasures–for nearly nothing.  We all got some pretty good stuff–so let me share with you my purchases….

Casual little cable-knit grey sweater.  $3  Comfy!!

Coral macrame top.  I’m usually not driven to such colors, but for some reason, the macrame and the bell-sleeve made me do it.  Ha.  $4

By far a new favorite.  LOVE THIS THING.  I mean, if you look at all things unattractive, 1. it’s boxy 2. it’s huge 3. it has no shape–all three of these things = AMAZING PIECE.   $3

Fancy little burnt orange silk robe!  Huge bell sleeves (again with the sleeves), and pockets!  An added bonus?

BBBAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Uhhhh….athankyou.

How cute, right?  I know.  This one was EXPENSIVE at $6.  HAHAHAHA.

After spending some quality time with the in-laws, I drove to Long Beach to my Bestys house in order to hang out one-on-one (we hardly get to do this anymore with our men in between), and to clean out her closet.  She is a clothing sales rep and has a serious condition called “I-love-to-hoard-free-clothes.”  The good thing about having friends like this?  They invite you over to convince them they hate it and give it to you help them. What can I say?  I’m a really good best friend.  🙂

I did manage to escape her lovely home with treats in hand (thank you Besty), and although most of them are samples from the line she reps (DEVINE.  That’s not what it’s called, I’m just describing how I feel about it.  Haha.), this little gem made me the happiest:

Sweetest little leather bag ever!

I know Thanksgiving has passed and now it’s on to Christmas and New Years, but I am truly thankful for the gifts (friends, family, a job) that I have been blessed with.  I hope you all feel the same.

I wonder what I’ll find NEXT!!!

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5 Responses to The desert is my friend.

  1. Amber says:

    🙂 love all your finds franny! you didn’t show me them… amaze.

  2. Grandma says:

    You need to show everyone you greatgrandma’s purse.


  3. kelsey says:

    1. don’t forget to start shopping for your outfit for july 🙂
    2. how do you comment on a comment? like you did with your grandma?
    3. have an ornament on my tree from you from 1997 ❤ i know i tell you that every christmas, but still. good times! love you!

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